How to: Master the waves

Posted on Jul 8 2015 - 2:42pm by Samantha Clark
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Do you get hair envy when you see someone with luscious waves? But think you hair is too fine? too straight? won’t hold the style? find that your naturally wavy hair just looks like a matted mess? That’s where we come in! This is our how to guide to create those gorgeous catwalk trend, beach babe, natural looking, wavy locks.

The products:

It is possible to create the look with styling tools such as hair straighteners or curlers but without the right products, the look may not look effortless- which is ultimately what we want people to think- or much worse, it won’t hold (my problem in the past)!

Introducing the TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Collection, they’ve a whole host of products specifically formulated to aid you in mastering the wave look. Sea Salt is the number one ingredient in creating texture for your hair. It’ll effortlessly give you volume and your hair substance in creating waves. We tried out the TRESemmé Wave Creating Sea Foam (RRP £5.50) and Sea Salt Spray (RRP £5.50). We were massively impressed. The TRESemmé unDone Collection delivered; I had instant volume (that there was no need for any additional root lift!), great texture and the look held all night- no top up throughout the night required. What’s more, it has a gorgeous fruity scent- not like any other sea salt based products I’ve used before which have smelt like sea air- huge bonus.

  1. Start off with towel drying your hair- just roughly
  2. Divide hair into three sections
  3. I recommend scrunching in 2 small pumps of the Wave Creating Sea Foam per section- add a pump or two more if you have thicker hair

The Tools:

If you have naturally wavy hair you can leave your hair to dry naturally or use a diffuser- I had major waves when doing this BUT if you want more control over the style or your hair is naturally straight, follow Braun‘s top tips in creating Jessica Alba’s beach waves:

  1. Brush through hair to eliminate knots
  2. Section your hair- selecting a strand about 4cm in width
  3. Using your warmed up straighteners (they recommend the Braun SensoCare Styler)- clamp the plates 5cm down the strand of the hair- you don’t want to start at the top
  4. With the straightener still clamped, rotate it 180 degrees towards your face, moving down the strand slowly
  5. Stop before reaching the end (about 4/5ths of the way)- this should create a slight curl
  6. Repeat this motion throughout the rest of the hair- alternate between towards your face and away from the face so that the curls don’t fall the same way- this will make the look more natural
  7. If you want to create waves brush through your hair (they recommend the Braun Satin-Hair 7 Brushyou can win one with us) and finish with the TRESemmé Sea Salt Spray 
  8. Blast your hair with the cool setting on your hairdryer to set the look.

Flyaways? Use a pump or two of TIGI Bed Head After Party, rub together in your hands and smooth through your hair. If you’ve used texturizing products, this won’t weigh down your hair- it’s just a finishing touch!

We’d love to see your creations- #AGL in your pics!

Featured image was provided by Maegan Tintari on Flickr

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