Fragrances: Smells to Alter Your Mood

Posted on Sep 5 2018 - 9:00am by Samantha Clark

Your sense of smell is one of your most powerful influencers for mood. A scent can trigger biological and chemical reactions in the body and mind to make you feel nostalgic, happy, sad, energetic and horny to name but a few. Knowing this, you can use the power of fragrance to influence how you’re feeling.

To feel happier and more energized

If you’re looking to feel more uplifted and happier or more productive and energized, then citrus scents will work in your favour. It’s proven that the citrus family boosts serotonin levels to make you feel happier. Lemon, orange and grapefruits are just some examples of the dominant scents you’re looking for if you want to feel better.

We love:

Happy scents

Grapefruit and Lime Reed Diffuser from St Eval

Satsuma Body Wash, The Body Shop

Be Electric Citrus Pulse, DKNY

More relaxed

If you’re feeling a bit wound up, stressed or looking to relax at the end of the day, scents of lavender, jasmine and rosemary will all help you to feel calmer, sedated and aid in relaxation and sleep. We recommend diffusers in the bedroom, bath products and massage oils with these fragrances to get the best and lasting effects.

We love:


French Lavender Reed Diffuser from Wax Lyrical

Musclease Body Oil, Elemis

Olene, Diptyque

Romantic smells

If you’re trying to set a scene, heading off for an anniversary dinner or have a date you want to go well, then scents that get you in the mood will help you feel empowered. It’ll also have the desirable effect on the other half. If you’re wearing the fragrance, ensure you apply to pulse points on the neck and wrist- making for a very powerful combination.

Vanilla, ylang ylang and spicy fragrances such as cinnamon and ginger are just some of the scents to evoke this desired reaction.

We love:


Deep Red, Hugo Boss

Ylang Ylang Room Spray, Molton Brown

Horny Cow Bath and Body Oil, Cowshed

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