Colour Code To Coverage

Posted on Sep 20 2017 - 9:42am by Samantha Clark
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Skin concerns, although generally not as noticeable to other people, can leave us feeling embarrassed, stressed and generally, concerned. But there are steps in your beauty routine that you can take to help alleviate anxiety.

We share our colour code to coverage.

The objective is the colour of the skin concern can be neutralised with colours opposite that on the colour chart. As for degree of colour to use, as they come in shades of light to dark; if you have fair complexion seek out the light shades of the colour correctors and deeper shades if you’ve a dark skin tone.

Colour wheel

Although these tips will generally work well, if you’re noticing an ongoing issue, medicated treatment may be beneficial. Book into see a dermatologist, skin consultant or your local nurse to determine what you can do to help correct these concerns from a deeper level.

Skin tone

As for your skin tone concealer, these are great for a multitude of sins; in particular, dark circles. Thicker than your foundation, it helps to correct your skin concern and provide a lasting barrier, helping you to hide whatever you don’t want others to know.

Avoid using for pimples though because this can make them stand out. Instead, use your skin tone concealer to mask dark circles, redness, scars and broken vessels. It’ll also help brighten your skin somewhat.

For your under eye; don’t go more than 1 or 2 shades lighter than your foundation otherwise it will be noticeable.  For other skin concerns, we’d recommend getting a colour that compliments the need.


Use a pink concealer to brighten and refresh: perfect for dark circles, widening eyes (use in the inner and outer corners) and generally neutralise blue/purplish areas and brown spots. On deep blue and purple hues use yellow.


Peach toned concealers will add warmth to your skin, ideal if you’ve got fair, dull or grey skin tones. It’s perfect as a winter brightened and for when you’re generally feeling under the weather.

Use as a brightener for dark skin tones like you would the pink.


Works as a more general cover up and concealer, the yellowish concealers can brighten skin and dark circles whilst alleviating some redness.

Tip: Dot across the top of the cheekbones and under the eyebrow to give your skin an instant lift.


If you suffer with redness then a green corrector will become your new best friend. It helps neutralise red areas and spots, giving you calmer looking skin and a bit of peace of mind. Correctors in this shade are not to be used all over but for specific problem areas such as breakouts, patches and broken vessels. Particularly helpful if you’re feeling congested with a cold.


Purple concealers can help reduce a yellowish, sallow skin tone. It also helps to brighten your complexion like the peach or yellow might.

We Love….

Bobbi Browns Instant Full Cover Concealer– seriously, new. best. friend. for those of us with sallow eyes or super dark bags. If you’re looking for something super amazing that gives you 8 hours sleep in a tube then this is it. It instantly lifts eyes and makes you look more rested and blends flawlessly with your foundation. You don’t even need a lot. Dab under and over eye (if dark there too) with the applicator and tap in with your ring finger. It’s also brilliant at hiding scars and slight redness. What’s more, is it keeps the skin hydrated all day long so you’ve no fear of your makeup drying out and making the skin look cracked.

Big day ahead or a special occasion to attend (we’re talking to you brides!)? Team with Corrector and apply under the concealer. It’s hardy but with added skin conditioners to protect the delicate under eye. Use alone if you’re lucky enough to have just a slight darkness to your under eye.

Bobbi Brown collection

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