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February is possibly one of the harshest months of the year. With only a glimmer of Spring sprouting through the frosty earth, all  we can do is wait patiently for warmer days. In the meantime though what we’re left with is the bitter cold, grey skies and sore, chapped skin. More often than not, despite an increase in our moisturising routine, we inevitably end up with broken, lacklustre skin (namely face, hands and feet), so I highly recommend you book in for one of the following treatments to give your skin a much needed moisture boost and you some much needed rest and relaxation.

Body polish

body polish

A full body exfoliation, this treatment is an ideal treatment to remove dead skin cells and add some much needed vitality into tired and dry skin. It doesn’t stop there though. Body exfoliation not only removes the dead skin cells but improves circulation, breaks down the fatty pockets which aids in toning, firming and detoxification. This treatment involves the application of a salt-based scrub, applied in circulation motion all over your body. Once applied, you’ll hop in a shower to remove the salts. It’s usually finished with the application of a body oil/moisturiser to enhance the benefits. Total treatment time is usually 30 mins (you could even have this on your lunch break).

Top tip: we highly recommend booking this treatment before a holiday or initial tan application. This will help ensure that you have even skin tone and tan!

Luxury manicure and pedicure

Gel manicure

Our hands and feet are often neglected in any kind of skincare routine and even if we do consider them, at this time of year it seems we can never do enough.

I do highly recommend regular manicures and pedicures as it ensures your nails get the care they deserve. Regular nail filing can promote stronger nails and nail growth, ensures better care (lack of breakages) and overall improvement of nail health.

By having a professional manicure/pedicure, particularly this time of year, it ensures correct treatment/removal of your cuticles (which if not cared for properly can cause infection) which do tend to dry and crack through the exposure of cold temperature. But it is a luxury manicure/pedicure that makes all the difference. Not only do you get the treatment and care outlined above but you receive some extra TLC. A luxury manicure usually consists of a hydrating/nourishing addition. The Jessica Nails luxury manicure, for example, includes enveloping your hands in oils and rich creams before being placed in heated mittens. This is ultimate luxury and your hands feel smooth as silk after.

The Jessica Nails luxury pedicure is very similar. This involves a hydrating/nourishing/refreshing foot mask but also includes a treatment soak, exfoliation and removal of hard skin. You can sit back, relax and pick up your favourite reading material. Total treatment time for luxury manicure or pedicure is around an hour and a half.

Body envelopment/wrap treatment

A detoxifying and warming based treatment, the actual process will vary depending on the spa your attending, the products they use and the treatment you’ve booked. Generally, this treatment involves essential oils/products which are focused on tackling a particular concern such as; hydrating, breaking down cellulite, rejuvenation, detoxing, firming etc. You’re then enveloped in heated blankets, allowing for a more intensive and more effective result. This treatment type is highly relaxing and very enjoyable.

For this kind of treatment, you’ll want to allow a couple of hours at least.



Much like the body and hand/feet treatments outlined above, facials can offer detoxifying, hydrating and nourishing aspects. They help to improve your complexion, skin health and re-balance your PH levels. There are a lot of factors that affect skin health such as hormones, wrong products, weather and stress. Moreover, salons have a whole host of products that tackle a wide range of problems.

You’ll generally get a skin assessment too so can ensure you get the right treatment and use the right products. A further benefit to a facial is the relaxing state it puts you in. It is a sure way to escape the stresses of any day and is often combined with a neck and shoulder massage.

It’s difficult to recommend a specific facial as it is a treatment that is very individual, however, salons offer a number of different facials for this very reason. If you’re unsure of what you need, contact the salon and let them know. You’ll have a consultation at the start of your treatment and can review your needs then. All you have to do is turn up and relax.

Want to make a day of it? Why not book your treatment in at a spa and enjoy some of the other facilities on offer. Encourage a friend to come along too or enjoy some much needed time out for you and your partner.

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