Beauty switch up: SPF edition

Posted on Jun 3 2015 - 10:29am by Samantha Clark

The SPF product ranges use to be quite limited but as the beauty and medical industries have realised the sun’s very powerful effect on our skin’s texture, appearance and health, there has been quite a development in sun protective products. Now we have a whole wealth of products available that mean we can step outside protected from head to toe.

So we’ve searched high and low to find, in our opinion, the best products out there that can offer you optimum coverage. Almost all of your everyday beauty products now have an SPF alternative so make sure you make the switch so you can feel gorgeous and feel confident you’re taking care of your skin. The products listed are the best products within this range we tried and think you’ll agree!

Complexion_Rescue_TopDown_7825_comped_clipped (3)For the face: bareMinerals Complexion Rescue is the ultimate, all in one summer must have. During winter months I wear Estee Lauder Double Wear but when we transition into the summer months, my skin, so evidently, needs something much lighter. This very new product is a BB, CC and tinted moisturiser with an SPF30 all in one. Unlike any other tinted moisturiser out there, Complexion Rescue is available in 10 different shades- finally! What’s more, it can be layered for more coverage if you feel you need it. It contains marine botanicals, hydrating humectants and antioxidants to ensure your skin stays hydrated and is protected from everyday stressors.

PROTECTIVE HYDRATING MILK SPF 30 BODY P3 Step 3 (3)For the body: I’m an avid user of the Decléor Systeme Corps Nourishing Body Milk, it’s a gorgeous silky body lotion that I use daily, so it was an easy transition to the protective hydrating milk. Much like the body milk, there are a number of essential oils to provide that silky, skin penetrating hydration that the skin desperately needs but with the added UVA and UVB sun protection. Available in an SPF 15, 30 and 50 you can find a coverage suitable to your skin type/preference. The consistency is a lot thicker (as you tend to find with any SPF product) so allow a little extra time for it to soak into the skin before dressing. As an added bonus, the protective hydrating milk has a gorgeous floral, summary smell too!

Korres Organic Almond Oil and Vitamin C Hand Cream jpeg (3)For the hands: Korres organic, almond oil and vitamin C anti-ageing, anti-spot, SP15 hand cream– wow that’s a mouthful! Although you wouldn’t want to actually put this in your mouth, it does smell good enough to eat. We’ve known for some time that our hands age the fastest as they’re so often exposed to the elements, more so than any other body part. As such we’re being advised to apply serums, creams and sunscreens to our hands. Korres anti-age, anti-spot cream is compact, instantly hydrating (you will notice the difference!) and chocka full of natural goodness.Korres Red Vine Hair Protector

Don’t forget your hair: The sun can dry our hair out, discolour it and when we
combine that with chlorine and wind it’s no wonder we can’t get a brush through it and have to work on serious damage control heading into Autumn. Take preventative methods this summer and protect your hair. We tried out Korres Hair Sun protection and was mighty impressed! Applied before drying/styling I could not tell I was wearing a protector- in fact it made my hair shine that little more and smelt divine. This product has water resistant UV filters and well as hydrating properties to really look after your hair this summer (and all year round!).

At the end of the day: burnt or not apply a moisturising/cooling aftersun to re-KORRES ALOE VERA BODY MILK hydrate your skin. The sun retracts the moisture from the body which is what can lead to premature aging. Hydrated skin will also hold onto your tan for KORRES Yoghurt Cooling Gel Aftersun (3)much, much longer. You’ll also feel refreshed and cool- for maximum cooling, keep in the fridge.  For an everyday after sun, we’d recommend Korres After Sun moisturing body milk with Aloe Vera. After sun’s with a moisturising focus tend to be thicker creams (most hydrating), if you’d prefer something more lightweight, Korres After Sun cooling face and body yoghurt (which is also ideal/suitable for red/burning skin and smells heavenly) or Decléor Systeme Corps Nourishing Body Milk (though this doesn’t have the same healing properties that after sun has) are ideal.

Remember protection from the sun isn’t just something we should be doing in the summer, it’s an all year round concern. Why not make the switch permanently.

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