Autumn Beauty Must-haves

Posted on Oct 1 2014 - 11:29am by Samantha Clark
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When the colder months start kicking in, it’s important that we have the right products to see us through. Below are some of the key products that I rely on through the winter months (and let’s be honest, most of the year!). I’ve shopped around for the best price for each item- if it’s a product you like, click on the image and it will take you right to it!

Dr Hauschka Lip Care

LipThis fantastic product softens and protects your lips. Only 100% natural and/organic ingredients are used in the making of this lip care stick. The key ingredients being: shea butter, beeswax, almond oil and anthyllis. It’s been dermologically tested for sensitive skin and can be used as and when needed. What I like most about this product is that it gives your lips a gorgeous sheen without being sticky. It’s your handbag’s must have!

Available at Look Fantastic- click on image to go direct to the product.

Cost: £9- free delivery.

 Jessica Phenomen Oil

This is miracle oil; it’s actually promoted as cuticle care but can be used on pretty Nail Oilmuch any area of concern. Dry elbows, yes! Dry knees, yes! Dry Feet, YES! Even pop a couple of drops in the bath for ultra-skin softening. Top Tip: if your hands are particularly dry (as mine often get in the colder months) rub it into your cuticles and pop a couple of extra drops onto your hands- wrap your hands in cling film and a warm towel for 10 mins and it works wonders!

Its key ingredients are: jojoba, sweet almond oil, rice oil and vitamin E.

Available in two sizes 7.4ml and 14.8ml: 14.8ml available at

Cost: £11.60- free delivery!

Hand Cream- Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour

For handbag nail care, I Hand creamhighly recommend Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour hand cream. This handcream is thick without leaving your hands greasy or oily. It has a light fragrance but isn’t overbearing so great to use in the kitchen as well. As an 8 hour cream, it is fast absorbing and is meant to last 8 hours- though I do find myself using it more frequently in the colder months because my hands dry out quite quickly. The key ingredients are petroleum and vitamin E.

It’s available at

Cost: £8.99 for a 75ml tube (RRP £26)

 Jessica: NY State of Mind Nail Polish

Good looking nails, need a good looking colour- to compliment your silky smooth cuticles and hands, I Polishthink you deserve a treat- how about a new colour to show them off? I am a BIG fan of Jessica nail products- their nail varnishes are available in a wide variety of colours (if you can think of it, they’ve probably got it!), the application is smooth and consistent which offers flawless application each time. I also find that they dry a lot faster than most nail varnishes (Top Tip: run them under cold water once been on for about 10 minutes this helps seal it faster, ideal if you’re in a rush). I am LOVING this colour- it’s deep hue is a perfect Autumn colour and will look great with the on trend oranges, military green and camel colours.

Available at Delivery to local store (including Waitrose) is free.

Cost: £10.50


Spot Buster

With the summer tan all fspot busteraded away and all the colds circulating this time of year, there is nothing worse than having to contend with a hideous spot as well to make us feel super great!

This product is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. It will clear your pores and reduce the oil production. One of the key ingredients is salicylic acid which is known for its ability to aid in the fight acne. It has quite a potent smell though so highly recommend spritzing a few squirts onto a cotton pad and then applying to spots. I wouldn’t recommend using this as a daily treatment as it can dry your skin out but at trying times is super brilliant.

Available at Harley Street Skin Care

Cost: £25- delivery is £4.95

 A product for an ultimate pamper: Jo Malone Bath Oil

If you’re like me, the number of baths increase massively the colder it gets. For this, I like to make sure I luxuriate in a dreamy scent. My favourite, is Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir. Their bath oils contain natural conditioners to hydrate the skin- the scent is a heavenly bonus. A large 250ml bottle is £40- as it is quite an expense, I recommend purchasing a travel, 30ml, size (also perfect stocking filler size- which costs £17) to give it a go and can assure you, you’ll fall in love. Available at most Jo Malone counters; the closest is in Harvey Nicholls, Bristol.


The effects of the seCreamason generally means that we need to change our skincare products too. I find that my skin gets a lot drier in the winter months because of the central heating (which, sometimes, just can’t be avoided). So I have to switch from a light moisturiser to a thicker one more appropriate for dry skin. For several years now I’ve used Elizabeth Arden 24 hour perpetual moisturiser, though now they’ve discontinued it, it is much harder to get hold of; saying that, I’ve just found it at! As soon as I apply this product, my skin instantly feels hydrated and supple. However, what works for me may not necessarily work for you as everyone’s skin is different- why not book yourself into one of your local cosmetic counters to get an idea of the kind of products you should be using and then you can shop around for it? Don’t Forget: even on cloudy, colder days it’s important to wear sunscreen so make sure either your moisturiser, BB cream, primer or foundation has some protection in it for you.

Elizabeth Arden Perpetual Moisture 24 cream is available at

Cost: £19.95 for 50ml

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