At home beauty products and techniques that can help you feel more body confident

Posted on Jul 29 2015 - 10:34pm by Samantha Clark

In addition to your workouts and beauty treatments, add these tricks and products into your routine for on-going benefit.

Take a weekly, 20-minute Epsom salt bath. Epsom salts (found in most local chemist and health food stores) have a number of health benefits; they aid in reducing inflammation, ease muscle aches, draw out toxins and aid in absorption of key nutrients from foods to name a few. Use one cup in your bath

body brushDry body brushing. Most people own one, they just don’t know what to do with it and if you don’t own one, you should! Before bathing, work the brush in a circular motion from your feet upwards towards the heart. It removes dead skin cells, improves circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system and the process of toxin removal. Cadbury Hotel and Spa have said it is one of the most effective techniques and they recommend trying it daily for a week for noticeable benefits.

Exfoliate daily– the Konjac vegetable sponge gently exfoliates and deep cleanses the skin, refining pores, aid in preventing ingrown hairs, give your skin an instant healthy glow and will ensure the products you follow up with will be used more effectively. It’s also said to improve the appearance of stretch marks because of the French Red Clay it is made from; its compound clears out the skin of dead cells through exfoliation which stimulates the regeneration process and it’s 100% natural! To use, simply fully hydrate and massage in small, circular motions from head upwards. Once finished, rinse thoroughly and leave somewhere cool and well ventilated to air dry.

Decleor 1000 Grain Body Exfoliator (3)Exfoliate on dry skin weekly– Decléor have created the 1000 grain body exfoliator, a fine AROMESSENCE SLIM EFFECT 39000 (2)grained exfoliator infused with a gloriously, tropical scent. It’s a clever product that starts as a gel but as it’s worked into your body turns into an oil that ensures the product go further. Once in the shower, it transforms once more into a hydrating milk that easily washes off and will instantly leave your skin hydrated, glowing, soft and smooth. An effective exfoliating routine will ensure the products you use after be it a moisturiser or a targeted product for cellulite will ensure better absorption and therefore better results. We recommend following up your exfoliation with;

Decléor’s Aromessence™ Slim Effect Contouring serum and massage deeply into the skin from the legs upwards, focusing on areas of concern such as stomach, thighs, bum, hips and arms. The serum is also wonderfully citrusy, that glides smoothly onto the skin; skin will instantly feel more smooth and firm whilst the glow it gives your skin will make your limbs look slimmer and longer!

iOS-Sworkit-Main (2)Squeeze in a workout– not going to make it to the gym today or want to squeeze in some stretching or an extra 5 mins in your lunchbreak? Download the Sworkit app and workout on the go. With over 170 exercises, there is something for everyone. I’ve customised my work out for stretching, it’s something I just don’t do enough of and the benefits from a 5 minute stretch is immediately evident; I feel refreshed, elongated, more flexible, stronger, energised and a little less sore. Download the app for Apple or Android.

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