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Posted on Sep 21 2016 - 1:00pm by Samantha Clark
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Whether you’re looking to switch your products to a more targeted range for anti-ageing or there’s a particular area you’re looking to tackle, we’ve tried and tested a range that’s currently on the market and we’ve selected the best!

Best eye cream

clinique smart eye treatmentClinique Smart Eye Treatment is the new magical eye formula that can simultaneously hydrate, firm and brighten the skin around the eye area instantaneously. Used continuously, it’ll reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet but is a product to begin using as soon as possible as it’ll keep these ageing signs caused by lifestyle factors at bay. Whatever your age, this is a product to keep stock of.

Apply twice a day around the lower eyelid, upper eyelid crease and brow line and outer corners of the eyes using your ring finger to pat the product in. It’ll give you instant results and provides protection and activity throughout the duration of your day and night- specifically noticeable when you wash your face first thing in the morning!

Best serum

Sarah Chapman Skin tone perfecting serumSarah Chapman Skinesis 3 Skin Tone Perfecting Booster can tackle a myriad of skin issues and conditions; from reversing the effects of sun damage to tackling hyper-pigmentation caused by breakouts and other skin conditions, this beauty has you covered. Not only does the serum actively work to even out skintone and texture, giving you a brighter and calmer complexion, but glycerin ingredient will help keep those breakouts at bay. It also contains vitamin C, an essential antioxidant that helps tackle those free radicals that cause premature ageing.

Apply twice daily to face, neck and chest focusing on problematic areas such as cheeks, chin and t-zone working in a circular, upward motion. Results aren’t instant but the product gets to work fast and within 5 days you’ll notice the changes. It’s also vitally important that you wear sunscreen during the day as the ingredients can make your skin more sensitive to the sun (as it’s predominantly a serum to tackle effects of the sun), wear a factor 30 for best protection.

Best day cream

Clarins Multi-Active JourWhether your skin naturally requires more hydration than your current moisturiser offers or you’re looking to make that step forwards in tackling premature ageing, Clarins Multi-Active Jour moisturiser is the step to take. It will instantly smooth, soothe and brighten your skin whilst providing a bountiful drink for your skin throughout the day under your makeup without leaving it feeling oily or greasy.

Apply in the morning to freshly cleansed skin- over your serum. This is the perfect product to apply our facial massage technique to really work in the product and set those antioxidants to work, focusing on those areas of concern- around the mouth, cheeks, between the eyes and forehead.

Most versatile and best night cream

sisleyouthSisley are renowned skincare experts and their development Sisleyouth is no exception to the formula. It’s been developed as a product for everyone- it’s an ideal light moisturiser for those in their 20s just beginning to think about skincare and setting up a routine for good practice, it’ll offer ample hydration whilst tackling the early signs of ageing as you reach late 20s early 30s when our skin begins to lose its elasticity. As your skin requires more hydration, Sisleyouth is an excellent product to transition into your nighttime rota when your skin needs that hydration but thicker creams can lead to oily skin and breakouts (yes breakouts happen at any age)- what’s more, it has a wonderfully calming smell to it which makes getting off to sleep a dream.

Apply day and night by working a small amount of the cream into the chest, neck and face in upward, circular motions- another great product to use our tried and tested facial massage technique!

Best  neck and chest cream

Sarah chapman neck and chestI found that there comes a point- around mid to late 20s- when applying your day/night cream to your neck and chest (decolletage) just isn’t enough. That’s because the skin around this area, much like your eyes, is very different from your face. Like your eyes, the skin is thinner and much more delicate and likely to need greater hydration and so a specialist product is really the way to go.  I first noticed the signs of ageing in this area when I’d wake in the morning after a night of lying on my side (not the best anti-ageing way to sleep but habits, especially in sleep, are hard to break) and the skin would have squished all together leaving an abundance of crease marks in my chest. Of course trying to stretch the skin back had no effect- it was quite depressing. It was time to invest in a cream specifically created to this area. Sarah Chapman Skinesis Neck and Chest Rejuvenating Complex is a game changer. Within one week of using this product, the lines had visibly reduced and within one month they were gone entirely- my chest is completely crease free!

Use day and night, work the product into your chest (up to the top of your breasts) and neck (including the back) in a circular, upward motion.

Best facial sunscreen

Lancer Sheer FluidAs you’ll decipher from our recent articles, the sun plays a major factor in premature and advanced ageing and the effects are almost irreparable. It’s not only important to protect ourselves from the harmful rays for our appearance but health as well.  Lancer Sheer Fluid, a favourite among many celebrities including Victoria Beckham, is a multi-tasker. It provides total UV protection (the vital UVA and UVB), can be used as a makeup primer, hydrating enough to use on its own (perfect for those beach days) and is high in antioxidants giving it that additional anti-ageing and protecting factor that we just love. It’ll also give your skin that healthy glow and is more like moisturiser than sunscreen.

Use under or over makeup to get the protection you need. Apply to face, neck, chest and decolletage all year round. Reapply after going in the water and every 2 hours if you’re spending a prolonged period of time out in the sun.

A note from the editor:

When it comes to anti-ageing, starting to use specific products early/at the first signs is best. I have had a good routine with an eye/day cream since I was 18. It was heading towards my mid-late 20s and in turning 30 that I saw a need to introduce serums and specialised products. As you’ll note from the article, the most transformative effects has come from the use of a neck/chest cream but each product has contributed to visible differences- these differences, however, are more slight than the neck/chest cream because of a routine I’ve been following for years. You may notice that you need to change/introduce different products at different times. You’ll get a feel of what your skin needs once you’ve a routine in place and can spot when your skin requires more hydration, a focused serum etc.

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