We can’t resist stopping in the middle of the high street to stroke a cute fluffy dog. But you’ll be surprised just how owning a pet can benefit your health. So no matter if you’re a dog or a cat person, or even just have a little goldfish, they can do miraculous things for you and your family.

Spending time with your pet can ease stress and anxiety

By playing with your furry friend or watching fish swim for a few minutes will lower the stress hormone, cortisol. The chemical, serotonin, which is related with well-being, is increased to improve your mood. This also recovers your body from the wear and tear of stress.

Petting can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol

Studies have shown that families with pets have lower blood pressure and heart rates than those who don’t. Researchers have also noted that owning an animal helps avoids the dangers of cholesterol, which may be an attribute of the lifestyle factors of pet owners.

cute dog

The unconditional love has been known to fight depression

Petting a dog or cat gives a calming effect, which deals with a factor of depression. Taking care of a pet by walking, grooming and playing, can make you feel better about the way you spend your time. It also fights the fear of isolation as animal owners are more likely to want to talk to other pet owners.

Pet cuddles

Of course owning a pet means you’ll have better physical fitness than those who don’t

Walking your dog for 30 minutes a day will ensure that you meet the recommendation for healthy physical activity and reduce your chance of becoming obese. Walking a dog can also help you develop stronger bones to fight against osteoporosis and painful fractures.

Walking the dog improves health

Growing up in a house with pets will reduce your chance of developing allergies

Living with animals will give you higher levels of certain immune system chemicals, meaning you will grow a stronger immune system to prevent allergies as you get older.

Cuddling a bunny rabbit

So, if you’ve recently been stuck on whether to get an animal or not, now you know the answer. Pets can add character to your home and aid you and your family in more ways than one.

Why not consider adoption? Pet Adoption UK can help you find your newest family member.

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