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Whether you’re a Harry Potter fan or are going to be taking a trip with one very soon, there are lots of ways you can make your day, or weekend away, extra special. If you’re on the hunt for Harry Potter-related activities, this blog has plenty for you to choose from. Be prepared to have the most magical time of your life!

Harry Potter Studio Tour

If there’s one place every Harry Potter fan needs to go it’s to the studio tour in London. You’ll be able to experience real sets from the movies and learn all about the clever tricks that were used behind the scenes. It’s definitely the best place to get photos of you and your friends, leaving you feeling like you’ve been to the wizarding world for a few hours. Before you go, make sure you find cheap Harry Potter World tickets online, as this will guarantee you’ll get through the door on the day and may even save you money.

Kings Cross Station

There are few parts of Harry Potter that are more iconic than the platform at Kings Cross Station where Harry first goes to Hogwarts. While Platform 9¾ doesn’t actually exist, the station has installed a sign that’s perfect for photos due to the popularity of the books and films. Get dressed up in your Hogwarts uniform and get a snapshot of you and your friends pushing a luggage trolley through the wall before heading off to explore the city.

Alnwick Castle

It’s disappointing to learn that Hogwarts isn’t a real place and was in fact filmed at many different locations, but Alnwick Castle will be a real treat for every fan. Not only did some of the filming occur here, but you can also take part in broomstick lessons! You’ll probably recognise the castle’s exterior walls from the first and second movies, so be sure to watch them before you leave.

The Jacobite Steam Train

Have you always wanted to travel on the train that took Harry and his friends to Hogwarts? Well, now you can. The Jacobite Steam Train takes you along the well-known journey that you can see in the film, but it isn’t in London. You’ll have to travel to Ben Nevis in Scotland but the trip is well worth it.

See Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

If you’ve seen all the Harry Potter films, it may be time to go and see the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. While it’s possible to get a copy of this story as a book, it was intended to be watched on the stage. Whether you’re a fan of the theatre or not, this is a great way to spend an afternoon in London, especially if you’re planning to see Kings Cross as well.

There are lots of activities for Harry Potter fans to do all around the country. Make sure you do some research and discover all the hidden gems before setting off on your trip.

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