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October means one thing – Halloween! The last stop before the Christmas madness begins.

Originally a very American tradition, it is becoming more and more popular and more important.

Not having anything to give out is not an option. And isn’t it fun to carve or decorate a pumpkin and see the kids enjoy their costumes?

Sadly, it has – like any holiday or celebration – become very commercial. The shops will stock plenty of bite-sized treats and all you need to do is serve them up on a scary looking plate and there you are.

BUT you can also wow children (and parents) by trying one of these:

Fun ways to wrap

You can make your store-bought treats look fun or spooky with just a little bit of fun wrapping!

  • Wrap a tissue around a lollipop and draw a ghost face on it
  • Cover an M&M box with orange paper and draw a pumpkin face on it
  • Orange tissue paper around a lollipop will make a jack-o-lantern
  • Wrap small treats in orange tissue paper and shape it into a ball, then twist the top and paint it green to make the pumpkin stalk
  • Blow up orange balloons and pop treats inside before decorating it into a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern
  • Twist black pipe-cleaners around a lollipop to make spider legs

The healthy alternatives

Nut allergies, gluten free requirements, low sugar – sweets are a minefield nowadays.

You could avoid it all by offering healthy treats. This can be for a party or for trick-or-treaters knocking on your door.

Almost any fruit can be scary (just ask kids!) and just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean they will enjoy it any less. They are more likely to take a moment to pick their favourite instead of just plunging their hand into the bowl of sweets.

  • Draw faces on mandarins to make pumpkin faces
  • Draw ghost faces on bananas
  • Dip bananas in white icing or white chocolate to make ghosts
  • Cut carrots into pumpkin shape (keep the round shape and just cut a stem out at the top), then cut into slices
  • Empty out oranges, carve faces, and fill the hollow peel with fruit
  • Wrap bandages around apples (or any other fruit) and add googly eyes to make monsters
  • Peel kiwis to make green Frankenstein faces, use chocolate chips for eyes and mouth
  • Cut apples into faces and add pine nuts or other sharp food to make teeth, and a sliced strawberry as a tongue

Homemade treats

Don’t keep all the baking for Christmas time. Halloween is just as great an opportunity to have a baking afternoon – and the decorating is scarily fun!

Stock up on flour and sugar (or biscuits, if you just want to decorate), icing sugar and food colouring in brown, black, purple and red – it will all come in handy!

Depending on your skills, you can go for easier or more complicated treats:

  • Chocolate owls: take pretzels and cover them with chocolate, then add googly eyes to make owls
  • Bake black cookies (or buy them), cover them with a circle of white icing and then add blood shot eyes
  • Use crackers or make squared crackers and decorate them with green icing for a Frankenstein head, then add eyes and make short pointy hair with chocolate sprinkles
  • Make witches hats out of cookies and a chocolate drop. Add a layer of coloured icing (bright orange, green or purple) for a touch of colour
  • Use biscuits and a chocolate drop to make spiders – make the legs and eyes with melted chocolate
  • Put fake teeth (drawn or plastic teeth) and eyes onto doughnuts to create little monster faces
  • Make owls out of a marshmallow dipped in chocolate and decorated with ears, eyes and a beak
  • Dip cake pops into chocolate for a spider body and attach legs and eyes
  • Melt chocolate to make a thin layer of chocolate, let it cool, break it into pieces and draw ghosts onto it or use white chocolate with food colouring to make multicoloured chocolate bark

Feeling inspired?

Take a look at our Pinterest board below to see recipes and more ideas to make this Halloween different and more interesting!

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