Whether you’re looking for something a little quieter, more easy going or just because you don’t fancy going out; you can’t beat a Halloween flick for some festive fun. Plus, nothing beats snuggling under a blanket with some hot chocolate and s’mores to a movie.

If the weather is good- why not host an outdoor movie? It really is easier than you think. All you really need is a projector (this one is under £60!), laptop/games console such as Xbox or Playstation to play your DVD/Blu-ray, speaker and a big white sheet and you’ve got yourself an outdoor screening!

Pin the sheet to a hedge or tack it to a fence or wall. The projector, console and speaker needs to be placed on a dedicated table away from it and it’s that easy. With sunset around 5pm it doesn’t even have to be a late night either.

As for your flicks, here’s our choice of family friendly flicks:

Hocus Pocus (1993) You can’t beat Hocus Pocus for a classic Halloween movie. It’s family friendly, interesting story and just an all round good choice.

Death Becomes Her (1992) starring Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn and Bruce Willis about two friends doing all they can to stay young. Though ALWAYS check what you’re signing up for before you drink the potion! A very silly horror-comedy.

Prefer to watch something lighthearted and fun? Ghostbusters 1 & 2 is your go-to!

Beetlejuice is a classic- it’s freaky fun!

Casper the Friendly Ghost is the ideal family choice.


Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas musical is always a choice loved by the little ones.

Halloween just isn’t Halloween without this Kooky Family: Addams Family. One or two, you can’t go wrong. (NEW Addams Family animated film out in cinemas on 25th of October!).

Based on the much loved rides at Disney; both Tower of Terror and The Haunted Mansion are films to both delight and freight!


S’mores Parcels are easy to make and super delicious.

Apples from the harvest and roasted nuts for divination practices were food items used routinely in Halloween festivities from the 17th-20th Century although some traditions like apple bobbing still happen today, fortune telling practices don’t happen so much. But foods featuring apples and nuts still feature quite heavily in Halloween parties and celebrations. Try our hot spiced apple punch for drinks and roasting nuts with cinnamon and nutmeg for your snacks.

Pinterest is our go-to for inspiration of any kind! We just picked up these few bits for some ideas. Do check our Boo to You board for more ideas including nails and decorations.

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