Haircare Heroes 2019

Posted on Feb 27 2019 - 8:55am by Samantha Clark

It’s award season here at Anything Goes HQ and we want to pay tribute to the makeup marvels, skincare saviours and best for body; the products that help highlight our best features, help hide those we don’t like so much, give us more confidence, help keep our skin healthy and those that aid in relaxation.

Without further ado, we share with you, our Haircare Heroes of 2019

Shampoo & Conditioner

Let’s start with the very basics; though of course, our washing routine is far from basic. The products we use to wash and condition our hair with sets the tone for the kind of hairstyle we have not just today but the days that follow.

Shampoo & Conditioner

I was introduced to Bleach London at Christmas when my friend, as a gift, gave me a hair care collection. The Sulph Obsessed shampoo, as you may guess, is sulfate free. More and more people are opting to go sulfate free as this can strip the natural oils from hair and cause breakages. Sulfate free shampoo is no new product either with many variations on the market. We’ve even tried them in the past. The usual disadvantage of going sulfate free is you don’t get the same foam so, weirdly, it doesn’t feel like the hair is getting a good clean. Long story short… this is absolutely not the case with Sulph Obsessed.  You get a great lather with it, hair feels fresh without being weighed down and you get a great shine without it looking greasy.

As for the Leave It Yeh conditioner. This is actually a leave-in product. It’s lightweight, de-tangles and doesn’t leave your hair feeling slimy. What’s best is it works with a range of products. So if you’re hair gets a little sensitive to your regular shampoo and conditioner combo, this will give your hair the protection it needs.

For Ultimate Protection

Aveda Damage & Dry Remedy

Aveda Damage RemedyWe really put our hair through it with heated styling, product layering, holiday effects and central heating/air conditioning (yes, this affects our hair too). It’s no wonder it sometimes, quite literally, cracks under the pressure.

But there are steps we can take to help protect each stand, avoid split ends and ultimately reduce frizzy and wild hair.

Enter the Aveda Damage & Dry Remedy collection.

Our favourite duo from this range has to be Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair and Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil– although the name would suggest working with the products as and when damage occurs, it’s actually all about prevention. These products will help keep your hair in tip top shape.

After washing, run the Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair through mid-lengths to ends of the hair and style/dry as normal. Follow up with the Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil to tame frizz and flyaways. This winning duo will give your hair lasting protection. So whether lack proper haircare, style your hair within an inch of its life or just want to have luscious locks- this will do the trick.

Dry Shampoo

Catwalk by TIGI Transforming Dry Shampoo

Dry ShampooAt a basic level, we want a dry shampoo that helps to reduce the oil build up in our roots which not only saves us the hassle of having to wash our hair again but actually it’s better for overall hair health if we don’t. The Catwalk Transforming Dry Shampoo goes beyond the call of duty.

Not only will it reduce a greasy build up by 80% but it actually refreshes it too with its perfumed fragrance. It is effectively deodorant for your hair. But it doesn’t just stop there. Oh no. It also helps create and maintain texture and volume. So day old hair or not, this product helps you achieve the look you want with your hair.

On day old (+) hair, we recommend lifting hair and spraying into the roots. Blast over the hair with a hairdryer on medium heat and use a barrel brush to lift the hair at roots to give it a fresher look and hold.


L’Oreal Professional Tecni Art Full Volume MousseMousse

If you’re looking for volume and texture to create a lasting style and hold, you can’t go wrong with the L’Oreal Professional Tecni Art range and in particular, the Full Volume Mousse.

If you want to create a professional blow-dry, lasting curls or greater volume through setting your hair, this is your go-to buddy. For volume in your roots, take a kiwi sized amount of the mousse and massage into your scalp; blow dry the hair by lifting your roots in the opposite direction to growth (we find flipping our hair upside down is best) and use a ceramic barrel brush to create and set the style.

If you’re looking to create lasting curls or a more structured style- blow dry your hair to eliminate around 80% of moisture. Wrap your hair in curls and on a high heat run the hairdryer over the curlers, blast with the cold air function when completely dry to fully set.

Using this technique and product, you’ll have lasting volume and texture suitable to create any look you desire.

Aveda Texture Tonic

Aveda Texture TonicWe love, love, love LOVE this texturizing product by Aveda.

Not only does the classic Aveda smell transport you somewhere exotic but FINALLY you can have the effortless wavy hair you dream of! And when we say effortless, we truly mean effortless. After washing, spray into mid-lengths and ends of hair and leave to dry naturally for best results. If you want to create a more tailored look, you can’t go wrong with a diffuser. It really is that simple.

What’s more, you can actually use the product on dry hair so, if you want to create a bit of a wave a few days after washing, you can totally achieve that.

In addition, it’s a great all-rounder. As it says on the bottle, it’s foremost a texturizing product; so if you’re hair simply doesn’t cooperate when you’re wanting to create a style that holds- the texturizing tonic, has your back.

L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray

ElnettWe want a hairspray that has it all; one that works with us not fights against us, that gives us lasting hold but which won’t tear when we brush through the following day, that allows us to correct a mistake and most importantly does so effortlessly without leaving a trace.

L’Oreal’s Elnett Hairspray is iconic and classic for a reason; it simply does all of the above. It’s an easy award and if you’ve had experience with this hairspray, we’re sure you’ll agree. It’s simply the best of the best.

Please note that the products mentioned here will have been either sent from the brand directly or we’ll have purchased them personally. This is an honest review based on our experience of a variety of products (in these categories) tried over the last year.

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