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Is there a need to get your hair cut? Well, as long as you have healthy hair, there isn’t. But who can honestly say they have healthy hair all the time?

So how frequently should you get it cut if you’re looking to maintain hair length, grow it out or simply keep it healthy?

Maintain hair length

Our hair grows on average, an inch a month. Though this will vary from person to person because of genetics, general health and a number of other factors. So, if you’re looking to keep your hair at the length it is currently, booking in for a trim every 4-6 weeks is what you want.

Getting a cut frequently will also help to maintain good hair health and prevent split ends and breakages.

Growing your hair

If you’re looking to grow your hair out, you’ll want to avoid getting it cut too often. Instead of every 4-6 weeks, try and leave it every 8-10 weeks. But, if your hair tends to grow at a slower rate, you’ll obviously want to extend this to help its growth.

However, don’t sacrifice health over length.

The last thing you want is to get it to the length you like, realise your hair is so damaged you’ll need to cut it all off and go back to square one. As long as you maintain it in between, you could avoid split ends and breakages that necessitate getting it cut, therefore extending the time in between your trims.

If your hair does grow at a slower rate, we’d recommend following our maintenance guide below and keeping an eye on the look and feel of your ends. If they start to feel scraggily or your hair feels like it’s getting knotty frequently, or you catch a sight of a split end, then it’s probably best to get something booked in.

How to maintain your hair health in between cuts

The key here is to not over wash or over style your hair. Never us a hairdryer on the hottest setting, avoiding your use of curlers and straighteners, curb the use of product, and limiting your use of accessories like hair bands and clips. Daily use of these products will cause your hair to snap, particularly if you’ve got long or treated (e.g. bleached) hair. So, taking a day off here and there will go to great lengths (pun intended!) to help protect it.

Additionally, throwing in a hydrating shampoo/conditioner combo into your routine to keep your locks luscious is advisable. As is using a heat protector before using any styling tools.

We’d also highly recommend using a treatment between towel drying and brushing your hair to help protect the strands (we LOVE Aveda’s Damage Remedy Daily Repair and Dry Remedy – even for smoothing flyaways for this), and keeping the ends hydrated. Using a hydrating mask and scalp treatment weekly can also do wonders for hair health too.

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