If you’re like me, the changes in seasons can wreak havoc on your skin. But it’s not just your skin you should be considering. Your scalp can equally go through changes that seasonal weather, hormones and lifestyle can bring around. But more concerning, the effects of our scalp will have an effect on our hair from root to tip and the last thing we want heading into the sunny season is the light catching on dull, listless hair- of all the horrors!

So we tried a couple of products out there that will give your hair the much needed boost it deserves and give you the hair goddess crowning title. After all, winter’s been pretty harsh to it.

Pre wash:

We love love love, this Philip Kingsley Exfoliating Scalp Mask – it’s the all in one pre-wash treatment we all need on standby. As you’d expect with an exfoliator it sloughs away all the flaky, dry skin from the scalp. But this product simultaneously give it a much needed hydrating boost, soothing any problem areas as it works. It feels more like a balm than an exfoliator but it makes it a much nicer, cleaner treatment enabling you to enjoy a little bit of luxury in any room of your home. We think you’ll marvel at how one treatment will deliver results. Your hair will instantly feel softer and cleaner. It’s clearly true what they say, your scalp affects your hair from root to tip!

How to use:

You’ll need to first dampen your hair, then sitting down (like in front of the tellie watching Big Little Lies!), separate the hair into segments- we’d recommend working with a quarter of the hair at a time broken into three sections to make it more manageable. Using the nozzle, apply the product directly onto your segment and massage in in a circular motion. Once you’ve gone through all sections, do one final massage to really work the product in.

Leave in for 15 minutes and then wash as normal.

For a full cleanse:

We highly recommend the new Aura Botanica range from Kerastase. As you’ll probably be aware, most shampoos and conditioners have chemicals within them to manipulate the manageability and help create those desired looks. If you look to most natural shampoos (like the ones in the body shop), they haven’t quite figured the right combinations to get the voluminous, sleek or wavy looks we can easily achieve from the mainstream counterparts and I’ve often found they’ve left my hair dry, unmanageable and/or dull. But Kerastase have it figured. The majority of the shampoo (96%) is made with natural sources and contains some of those highly sought after ingredients in hair care like coconut and argan oil; which works wonders on whatever type of hair you have. You have to spend a bit of time working with it to get enough lather to cover your hair but it’s truly worth it and because of it’s natural composition, it leaves hair squeaky clean. But because of those magical coconut and argan oil ingredients, it’s still manageable- magical!

Follow this product up with a very small amount of conditioner to the ends and through the middle.

Leave in treatment:

It’s always important before you commence styling to work a protector product into your hair to get the best results and help prevent further/any damage. For this we love the Aveda Damage Remedy range. Specifically, the daily hair repair. Work a pea sized amount through the hair from root to tip, paying particular focus on the mid-lengths and ends, comb through and style as usual. Not only with this protect your hair from heat styling but it’ll also help repair breakage and damage to each individual hair.
We’d also highly recommend finishing your style with a drop or two of the Damage Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil which will smooth out any frizz and giving a much needed hydration boost that heat styling takes away. It’s also clinically proven to improve hair condition by 41%!

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