Everyone wants to feel more body confident when we turn to lighter layers, shorter sleeves, and shorter skirts for the summer season. Although it would be nice to have a personal trainer to help us reach our goals, the added expense isn’t always possible. But there are plenty of free resources around to help you achieve your body goals for summer. To help, we’re sharing some of those we’ve come across that we find helpful ourselves.

30-day fitness programmes

30 day workout thighs

Pinterest is full of 30-day programmes that allows you to work on targeted areas of the body, using, for the most part, your body weight to achieve your results; so no need for costly equipment. Working on legs, bums, tums, and arms, there are myriad of programmes available for whatever you want to work on.

The beauty of these programmes is they’re often drawn up by personal trainers and athletes, they’re free of charge and are quite detailed in what is entailed. They also deliver results and when we put them to the test, we were super impressed. As they only last 30 days too, it allows for focused training and once completed, you can move on to something else that helps you to maintain your physique or challenge yourself further by trying a new programme.

Celebrity trainers

Benefit from the worlds best personal trainers by using the resources they publish on their social channels and sites.

Kayla Itsines, the Australian trainer who has made millions through her Bikini Body Guides, has a wealth of resources available on her Facebook and Instagram accounts with new videos added daily with snippets of routines. Although you’ll not get access to her full routines unless you download her dedicated app, Sweat with Kayla (available on monthly or yearly subscriptions), you do get a taster for what you could be doing and build your own routine around these if you’re confident in doing so. She also publishes informative articles and plenty of recipes through her site to truly inspire your fitness journey.

Joe Wicks, Body Coach, is another one to follow. He is a nutritional coach that has a ton of inspirational posts on his social channels to help motivate and inspire you.

Create your own programme

A combined programme of cardio, strength and flexibility training, with routines targeted on your problem areas, will help reach your goals in no time. But it can be easy to lose track.

The first step in achieving your fitness goals is accountability. We’d recommend keeping a fitness journal – whether hand written or using an app through your phone- to keep track of the physical activity you’re doing and adjustments you’re making to your diet to reach your target. Monitoring your progress in this way helps you to see where you started and the progress you’re making to help continually inspire and motivate you to the end.

Other fitness resources:
  • This Girl Can: Is a community that celebrates women getting fit, whatever that means to them. They have lots of suggestions on their website to help motivate you and find something you can be passionate about.
  • Couch to 5K: The NHS have created a couch to 5K programme to help those that lead a sedentary lifestyle. Regular running can help to shed pounds but be sure to include a strengthening programme to help with tone (they also have a programme for that too!).
  • Head to the playground! Playgrounds are not only great fun (even as adults) but they really help improve your fitness and strength. Throw in a couple of games like stuck in the mud, rounders and tag and you’ll be fitting fit in now time. Plus, it doesn’t cost a thing!

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