One of the worst things about this time of year has to be a cold. The sniffling noses and a nagging cough that comes with it is one thing, but nobody wants to be buried in tissues and lozenges instead of enjoying gingerbread treats and mulled wine. So here are some tips to kick your cold fast, to ensure you’re up and running before the festivities really begin.

Rest as much as possible

Woman resting

Obviously we all need to pay the bills somehow, so there is only so much you can do with this one. But whenever you get the chance to rest, it’s important that you take it. I mean if you’ve ever needed an excuse to avoid that washing you’ve got piling, or to cancel those plans you’ve been dreading, this is it.

Take advantage and spend your evenings in your onesie snuggling up with your pet. Isn’t that the dream, really?

Increase your intake of Vitamin C and D

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has so many great healing qualities that will help you get over a cold fast, so definitely up  your intake while you’re battling a cold or flu. We’d recommend taking a supplement and eating as much citrus fruits such as oranges, kiwis and strawberries as possible. Every little helps after all – plus they’re all delicious.

Vitamin D is best absorbed through sunlight which is sparse this time of year, especially in the UK. In fact, the NHS recommends that everyone take a supplement of this powerful Vitamin at this time of year which can help to tackle and even prevent colds and the flu.

Eat well, but light


When we’re sick it’s important to put as much good stuff into our bodies as possible, so it can be really helpful to cut back on any takeaways and sweets which can increase mucus production (ewe!). Even if you eat healthy however, be sure not to overdo it and upset your stomach. Instead, eat little and often to help you build strength, energy and tackle that cold faster.

Seriously, eat some soup

hearty chicken soup

If you’re struggling to understand what ‘eating well, but light’ means, soup is a pretty good example. It’s full of all the nutrients that will help battle the germs your body is trying to fight off, and not to mention the steam from your bowl will really help clean your sinuses. You’ll often hear that chicken soup is perfect for such an occasion and we’d highly recommend our hearty chicken soup recipe to do the business.

Stay warm and wrap up


Now is not the time to deal with the cold for the sake of fashion ladies. It is vital that you stay wrapped up this season not only to help fight colds, but to help prevent them in the first place.

So layer up, make sure your hair is dry when you leave the house and wrap yourself up like a burrito while you rest and sleep in the evenings.

Swap coffee for herbal teas

Hot ginger tea recipe

Okay, as a coffee lover myself I think it’s important to clarify that in no way am I suggesting you cut out coffee altogether (we all need to survive after all), but you should definitely swap some cups for a herbal tea or two.

Some that would be particularly good to help clear your stuffiness and help you get all that rest you need are peppermint, green and chamomile. Our ginger tea recipe works wonders on colds too.

Vamp up your water intake

Infused water

Try infusing water with fruits and herbs for a better taste. We particularly love sage and blackberry for a refreshing beverage!

There is nothing more important when you’re sick than being hydrated. We lose a lot of fluids when we have a cold and our bodies work best at fighting viruses when they’re fully functioning, so water is obviously key.

When I’m sick for example, I aim for three litres a day to ensure my immune system is given the best chance at getting me better, quickly. Even if you don’t feel like it, do try and force yourself to drink more than usual, it really will help you to feel better faster.

Take as many hot showers and baths as you can


I’m not suggesting that you don’t shower daily of course, but just in case you sometimes get a bit lazy, try to get in as many hot showers as possible when fighting off a cold, as the steam will help you shift it a lot faster.

A bath can be really effective too at sweating out the bad stuff, fill your bath with Epsom salts and this will help your body to absorb some of the good stuff to help you get better quicker too.

We hope these tips will help you to stay well this season and if you do get sick, be fighting fit in no time at all. Stay well!

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