Don’t fancy trudging out in the cold and wet this Halloween? We’ve got your get out. Host a party! Hassle you say? Fear not! Our Halloween party ‘Get Me Outta Here’ ticks all the boxes; it’s simple to carry out, involves all aspects of entertainment and includes the treating aspect kids love and best of all? You get to stay indoors throughout if you choose. What’s more, we’ve some suggestions just for adults… check back next week for these.

The basic premise of ‘Get Me Outta Here’ is that there are puzzles/games in different rooms throughout the house that need to be completed; each room has a dedicated task. Once all the tasks have been completed, the attendees ‘Get Outta Here’ and escape to the back garden for the treats treasure hunt, where treats of all kinds will be hidden throughout the garden. Not much lighting or just too cold and wet? Dedicate a room for this particular purpose. See below for ideas.

When it comes to the games:

  • Attach a note to each door where puzzles are within describing what they need to do in order to complete the task (see suggestions below)
  • Either advise where the next task is, if monitoring the games, or indicate it on the final piece of the puzzle, back of the door or elsewhere.
  • Select a punishment for cheating; cheating includes moving on before finishing, getting too much help etc. punishments could be a delayed start into the treats treasure hunt or have to complete a penalty task for example.
  • If you want you could reward a special prize to the person (or persons) that have been most dedicated.

Puzzle/Game ideas:

  • Piece together Happy Halloween with the letters you find scattered throughout the room
  • Pictionary: 1 team member is selected to act out a Halloween themed person, trinket or item. Once guessed correctly, another team member has to act out where the next game is placed!
  • Find the bones and put the skeleton back together
  • Halloween themed word search (no team member can be left behind)
  • Scavenger Hunt: hid Halloween themed trinkets around the room that must be found to complete the task- include the task sheet of what they need to look for on the front of the door.
  • Solve the riddles (there are 3 riddles hidden around the room, all must be completed to move on)
  • Put the puzzle back together again
  • Spider crawl- make hallways between games more adventurous with a spider web maze that all team members must make through before moving on- using toilet paper. If it breaks, there’s a penalty!

Indoor Treats Game:

Treats are easier to find in a well lit room; so create a trick or treats room- lucky dips can be tricky!

You could even create a ‘decorate your own’ treat station so that this takes away any health and safety concerns and allows you to control how much they can takeaway with them.

More games!

For other games to complete, ideal after the treasure treats or as alternative entertainment for your party could you play (see our Halloween Pinterest board for ideas):

  •  Apple bobbing
  • Pin the spider on the web (create a web using toilet paper and create a spider out of black paper- play as you would pin the tail!)
  • Bowling
  • Ring/Bean Bag Toss
  • Bingo

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