Written in collaboration with Simon Benn.

The job of a male escort isn’t to simply provide sexual services. A male escort offers companionship. The point of male escorting is to give women seeking these services what they

truly desire. I figured that not long after starting this field of work. Women aren’t looking for sexual encounters alone. They want to feel special, and I’m here to provide that. Acting like she is the center of my universe, looking good and making sure she feels good.

The best part of my job is that every day is different, and it’s likely that something completely unexpected will happen that night. Despite not having a schedule, I have a typical day, so let’s talk about it.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio


I’ve always been the athletic type, regularly hitting the gym, but ever since I became a male escort, I realized I needed to step it up. To make it as a male escort, you need to be traditionally attractive, and while a great suit helps, you need to look good naked too.

I usually don’t take clients or even respond to messages before 9 or 10 am, so I have a good couple of hours to myself. I’ll get up around 7, make coffee, have breakfast, and hit the gym.

After a good workout, I shower for a “deep clean.” Showering after working out only takes a couple of minutes, but if I’m meeting a client later, I’ll take my time in the bath.

The first impression is everything for male escorts – and I need to look the part of a desirable man. So, if I’m meeting a lady later, I will shave, make sure my nails are trimmed, and moisturize my face.

Good cologne is a must, but it must not be overpowering – it needs to be a discreet accessory to an already fabulous look.


When I’m done caring for myself, it’s time to do some work. Providing a male escort service is a business like any other, and there are plenty of things I need to take care of besides providing escort services.

I will document recent expenses and prepare tax documents if they are due. When I take care of that, I will take some time to prospect new clients – approach them via direct messages or check out referrals from my clients.

The first half of my day is spent caring for myself and my business.


Generally speaking, my afternoons are laid back. If I have time, I might schedule a quick date during the day with new clients to meet them. Meeting new clients for coffee makes the deal more relaxed, giving me and my potential client time to see if we mix well.

If that goes well, we can spend more time together and perhaps even enjoy each other’s company the entire evening. However, I usually don’t like to start my dates in the afternoon, but it happens occasionally.

I keep my afternoons personal. I will spend them with my family and friends. I won’t work and will likely turn off my phone for a couple of hours. A lot of my day and most of my days in the week are spent working. So, when I’m with my friends and family, I want to spend time with them genuinely. Some of my fellow male escorts are only available on certain days because escorting is more of a “side gig” for them.

Escorting is my primary source of income, and I will spend most days working. However, if I need some personal or “me” time, I will turn my phone off and take some time to recharge.


Nights are, as you probably guessed, reserved for escorting. Most of my dates with clients are dinners or drinks, but I might be accompanying my client to various events.

Most of the date is discussed beforehand, with enough time left to see if we want to spend some one-on-one time. Sometimes, the date includes a sleepover, but that’s never a spontaneous decision; it’s always discussed before a meeting.

Sometimes, the date lasts the entire weekend or includes travel to other cities or countries. Women seek these services because they get exactly what they want – and how they want it.

Every day is different, and I have no idea where the night will take me most of the time. I learned over time to be ready for any last-minute changes, and I embrace spontaneity when it catches up with me. What I like the most about my work is dating beautiful, exciting women and getting paid. Of course, I will spend a lot of my day working on a date or taking care of myself. However, it all becomes worth it when you sit in a nice restaurant, drinking fine wine and talking to a gorgeous woman!

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