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Posted on Jul 13 2016 - 10:00am by Samantha Clark
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Forget me not: how much does your morning forgetfulness cost you?

The most common things people forget to do in their typical morning routine are actually costing them time, money, and even calories. From leaving their hair straighteners on to forgetting their gym kit, the nation is fretting about what’s slipped their minds after leaving the house.

After receiving a flurry of messages about the common things its customers forgot to do each morning, Turtle Mat decided to add up what each forgotten activity was costing them, and the figures* were startling:

  • Leaving your lunch at home and having to eat out twice a week could cost you an additional £480 a year.
  • Forgetting your gym kit twice a week for a year means you could miss out on burning around 28,800 calories a year – that’s equivalent to 213 small cupcakes.
  • Remembering to turn your lights off could save you around £12.96 a year.
  • Not turning your heating off while you’re out at work could cost you around £138.24 a year.

After seeing these figures, Turtle Mat decided to create a range of personalised doormats, in the hope that they would serve as a gentle reminder not to forget certain things before people leave their house each day. The collection of doormats come in a variety of messages, including:

  • “Don’t forget you lunch”
  • “Remember your gym kit!”
  • “Have you turned off the lights?”
  • “Think of the bills! Turn off the heating!”
  • “Don’t burn down the house. Switch off your hair straighteners!”
  • “Don’t leave without your phone charger!”

Rebecca Wilson, Marketing Manager at Turtle Mat, said about the new doormats:

“On the back of recent customer feedback, we decided it would be a fantastic idea to create a trial range of mats that can be used as a reminder to homeowners during their morning routine, and we can’t believe how popular the range is.” 

You can check out the ‘Forget Me Nots’ range here:

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