Could a Second Home in the Sun Be More Attainable Than You Think?

Posted on Jul 19 2017 - 2:27pm by Samantha Clark

Think you can’t afford a sun-drenched place to call home? The latest data from Rightmove, might just make you think again. The 10 most in-demand property hotspots abroad have just been revealed.

  • Most popular locations are also some of the hottest and the quickest to travel to
  • More than 2.5 million monthly searches for property in Spain
  • What buyers can get in Spain and France for the average asking price in the UK

Life in the UK has many attractions but the weather isn’t always one of them, and that’s probably why more than 2.5 million online searches for ‘property in Spain’ come from the UK each month. According to research by Rightmove, the most popular locations for a second home aren’t just sunny, they’re also relatively nearby. 

Brits are looking for the right balance of affordable plane tickets and short travel times, making them ideal for a quick long weekend getaway – some even have double the sunshine compared to the UK!

Top 10 Destinations for Property-Seekers

Country Avg. Enquiry Price Avg. Flight Time from UK Avg. Flight Cost
Spain €156, 940 2h £48
France €217,433 55m £54
Italy €227,411 2h 20m £56
Portugal €215,001 2h 30m £83
Ireland €167,537 1h 10m £36
Greece €191,246 3h 30m £132
Cyprus €148,082 4h 46m £184
Germany €370,990 1h 40m £28
Malta €264,670 3h £68
Turkey €93,180 4h £142

Countries ranked according to number of avg. monthly searches

“Top locations that the British public search for holiday homes abroad in generally mirror the most popular holiday hotspots, and the most popular holiday hotspots are those places with the highest temperatures and easy accessibility.” – Chris Please, Head of Rightmove Overseas


Top Resorts

With close proximity to the UK, affordable flights and great weather all around, average monthly searches for property in Spain total 2,513,374 a month – over 74% more than France, the second most searched for location in Europe. But when it comes to the warm holiday destination of choice for most Britons, a closer look reveals the most popular resorts for property searches in each.

Top Resorts in Spain Avg. Enquiry Price Top Resorts in France Avg. Enquiry Price
Alicante €126,054 Nice €356,271
Mallorca €397,813 Cannes €585,754
Malaga €191,830 Montpellier €553,045
Tenerife €176,107 St. Tropez €1,523,989
Lanzarote €160,193 Marseille €1,399,625

Upgrade Your City Home for a Getaway by the Sea

“We see a demand for holiday homes in Europe from buyers in the UK looking for great weather and a laid-back lifestyle. The appeal of short haul travel makes destinations like Spain and France popular weekend getaway escapes.” – Chris Please, Head of Rightmove Overseas

A closer look at a year’s worth of property search data from the largest cities shows the most in-demand getaway destination for property-seekers across the UK.

Best Destinations for Sun

For sunshine-seekers, this list highlights some of the best destinations for consistently warm weather. Get those beach umbrellas ready, with average high temperatures throughout summer and double the annual sunshine compared to the UK, this list is sizzling hot.

5 of the Hottest Countries in Europe

Cyprus Malta Greece Portugal Spain
25 c 23 c 23 c 21 c 21 c


Highest Annual Sun 

Croatia Cyprus Portugal Malta Greece
3,321 3,285 3,285 2,920 2,920

A pretty attractive prospect we think!

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    I like the sound of most of them if i had the money to do this. My likely places would be Greece , Cyprus and possibly portugal.

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