Written in collaboration with Rosana Beechum

Swimming is a great form of exercise that targets and builds every muscle, burns calories, manages your weight and is easy on your joints. If you love to swim and you are really good at it, then you may have considered going into competitive swimming. This sport may look like it will not require much gear in order to succeed, but there are actually a number of items that you will need if you are thinking about taking swimming seriously. Most of the gear you will need for competitive swimming will support you while you train. To help you get into this sport the correct way, here is the gear you need as a competitive swimmer.

Aerodynamic Swimwear

There will be a number of basic items that you will need to become a professional swimmer, including aerodynamic swimwear, such as jammers, that will increase your speed in the water. For women, a racing swimsuit or swimming costume is perfect. Ideally, the material of your competitive swimwear should be polyester, as it is strong, quick drying, soft, comfortable, chlorine resistant and durable.

Race Goggles

The swim goggle is a vital piece of gear for keeping eyes protected when competitive swimming. They allow you to see properly and lessen eye irritation. If you don’t know where to start, racing goggles from Mail Sports Swim Specialist are low profile and reduce drag while keeping eyes protected when competitive swimming. They also have plenty of options from leading brands for you to choose from.

Swimmer’s Snorkel

You can use a swimmer’s snorkel to improve everything you do in the water without having to focus on your breathing. This includes your kick work, stroke balance and proper sculling. Perfecting your technique matters because it can reduce the risk of pain or injury, such as swimmer’s shoulder, from occurring. Using a swimmer’s snorkel is a cheap and effective way to combat this during training.

Various Footwear

Not many people think of gear for their feet when it comes to swim training, but the right foot gear will support and improve your performance. Some of the items you should invest in are fins – these will develop flexibility and your range of motion in your ankles and feet. Then there are DragSox – these are mesh nets that you put on your feet, which allow you to increase drag and resistance in water.

Training Journal

Every athlete will start out their journey into a sport with big goals, and the best way to achieve these goals is to monitor, track and record your progress. A training journal will tell you what works for you, what doesn’t, and the speed of your progression. A stopwatch should also accompany your training journal, as it will allow you to get an accurate reading of your speed and progress.

Investing in the right equipment for training and performing as a competitive swimmer will improve your chances of success. A good location and trainer are also important, as you will be less likely to miss a session and your trainer will motivate you and improve your performance properly.

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