Anyone with a child knows that you don’t get a moment to yourself. If you’re not caring for your child, then your trying to organise the home and stay on top of work. Of course, we know it is important to keep up with exercise, but how can we possibly fit it in?

We hear you! So, we’ve devised a feature with some ideas of how you can work out with a child or two in tow. It’ll not only help to entertain them but you can get in your fitness session too:

  1. Playground fun

When you take your little ones to the playground, don’t just sit on the side lines and observe. Get involved!

The equipment at the playground is perfect to help you build on strength and aerobic fitness:

  • Swings: can help you to burn calories, tone and strengthen your muscles and joints. Be sure to make an effort with your movements and like a kid, aim to get as high as you can.
  • Monkey bars: build on upper body strength and your core whilst climbing along the monkey bars. Use them to do a few pull ups too!
  • Seesaw: it can be really challenging to use a seesaw with a child when there’s such a contrast in weight. It’ll force you to control the seesaw and in return you’ll work on your core muscles and strengthening your leg muscles and knee joints in the process.


  1. Bike rides

There are lots of family-friendly cycle routes that you and your little ones can explore. They’ll love the opportunity of getting to roam around on their bikes, you’ll get in a little aerobic fitness and the ability to work on strengthening your legs and all in the safety of a designated park or space where you’ll not need to worry about cars.


  1. Woodland walks

Hiking in the woods is an excellent way to work on your heart and lung health. The inclines make the walk a little harder which means you get a good workout whether you’re going fast or slow.

As for entertaining little ones, print off a few of the National Trust’s spotter guides and look out for wildlife, tree species, animal tracks and so much more! Not only will you get a workout from it but you’ll also be giving your little ones a little nature education.

  1. Exercise around the home

When you have really little ones at home, it’s not as simple as asking them to play with their toys, watch a film, or get on with an activity. So perhaps some of these tips may help (note: they’ll need to be able to hold their own head for these exercises):

  • If you’ve got a carrier that you can strap to your back, try a few lunges with your little one attached. The extra weight will make it a little harder to do but will certainly deliver the results.
  • Holding with both hands, lift them upwards to strengthen your arms. Blow raspberries make funny faces and noises and it’ll make it into a fun game that’ll no doubt be entertaining for them too.
  • If you lie on the floor with your knees bent upwards, place your baby so they rest against your thighs (be sure to hold onto their arms too). Then lift your neck and shoulders off the ground to meet them, in little crunches.

Mum and baby working out

Do you have any techniques we could share with our readers? We’d love to hear from you. Leave us a comment below or send us an email: Check out some of our other fitness features and some ideas to entertain little ones indoors.

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