Swimming is one of those activities that I have to psych myself up into doing but once I’m in the pool it’s usually pretty satisfying. But through my research I’m pretty sure that any of my excuses will be outweighed by the mega benefits- especially as I’ve sorted the whole, managing my hair after issue.

Swimming as it turns out is a great all-rounder form of exercise. Whatever your favourite stroke, swimming will give you a full body workout. It’ll also help improve your metabolic rate which is one of the most effective ways to shed body fat, burn calories and improve your mental health by reducing your stress and anxiety. As an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise it’ll improve heart rate and reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. What’s more, you know that feeling you get in the water where you feel your strongest? That’s because water can support up to 90% of your body weight so it’s a form of exercise that will reduce the risk of injury too and help in rehabilitation if you’re already contending with a sprain or other injury (of course seek advice first!).

Overall then swimming is a super form of exercise health wise and with the water acting like a coolant we don’t get that gross sweaty feeling we get from a regular gym visit. What’s more we can team this with catching up with our friends, quality time with our partners (nothing like bonding over fitness) or even sign up to a class to meet new people.

Nothing will hold you back from reaching your health goals in this area!

Handy Resources

We love the Swimming.org for all things swimming. They’ve some top advice when it comes to swimming in the open water for those of you that are feeling a little more adventurous, a calories cruncher which will tell you the amount of calories you’ll burn per stroke and how this compares to other forms of exercise, some advice on combining swim and gym to help improve tone and some dietary suggestions. It has a wealth of information whether you’re already an avid swimmer, someone who solely takes part in other exercise programmes and looking to introduce swimming as an added/optional routine or even if you’re a complete beginner. This is definitely a site to bookmark or even download their app!

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