Cardio, as the word indicates, is any form of exercise that can raise your heart rate. It’s important to participate in cardio based programmes at least 75 minutes a week. Why? Because it is this form of exercise that gives the heart a much needed workout.

Unlike your legs, arms and to an extent your stomach muscles, your hearts only workout is to pump blood around the body. It may sound like a lot but in the grand scheme of things it’s nowhere near enough; particularly if you want to fight off and the risk of disease later in life. But just like your legs, arms and other muscles, your heart needs the focused movement to help it shift waste, toxins and generally keep it healthier.

Cardio exercise includes:

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Team sports- Volleyball, tennis, basketball, rounders etc.
  • Circuit training with weights
  • Swimming
  • Hiking on an incline

Most of what we’ve talked about in the past year in our fitness features will qualify as cardio based exercise so there is bound to be something you can do and love. And as highlighted each come with their own set of benefits. There is no better time to try something new.

When it comes to kit for cardio workout, we recommend looking to synthetic, materials like lycra which are quick drying to help you stay cooler and drier for longer whilst you get your workout on.

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