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If you feel like you’re stuck on a hamster wheel when it comes to the clothes you wear (hello joggers, we’re looking at you!), this is a feature for you. Our tastes and style often evolves as we do, so if you’re finding what you own no longer suits you, it’s no surprise. But it can be really tricky to find your new sense of style. We take a look at some simple tips and techniques to get you back on track.

Find the colours that suit you

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Colour plays a major impact on what will suit you. You may well have turned down a dress, or top thinking it wasn’t for you, when what didn’t suit was the colour, not the cut. Our skin tone, hair tone, and eye colour all play a role when it comes to colouring. There are professionals that can help guide you in this area, having been trained to know what colours may suit you on these parameters, or you can check out our easy guide to get an idea of the colours that suit you

Take inspiration from the eras

It’s as much about personal taste as what’s on trend and confidence plays a big role in how good something looks on you, you have to own it. Do a little research on Pinterest, look at the styles through the eras to get a feel for what you do and don’t like, pay attention to accessories too as you can use these as simple tools to transform really simple outfits.

Get experimental

You can become really restrictive with your clothes when you think only certain things suit you or you don’t open your mind to things you’d never consider. It’s a hard habit to break though, I was stuck in the same rut not too long ago. Clothes shopping became boring and uninspiring and I would barely pick anything up to look at. Intrigued by Stitch Fix, the personal styling service, I thought I’d give a box a go. Almost all of the items were things I’d never have considered in store but loved them the instant I tried them on. Although you never meet the stylists, they can gauge a good idea of what you do like and are willing to experiment with based on the information they take from you. So, if you’re feeling like you just can’t get out of the habit of buying safe options, take a look at a service like this.  

Your likes and dislikes

Bear in mind your preferences when it comes to clothing options and this will make it a lot easier for you to find something you like. Personally, I don’t like wearing white bottoms (trousers of skirts), short skirts- unless I am wearing tights, high-waisted jeans, or pointed stiletto toe shoes for example. All of these things make me feel really uncomfortable and generally self-conscious. As such, even if they suit me, I won’t look good wearing it anyway because of the way I feel.

Speak to the professionals

If you’re really unsure on where to start, why not speak to a professional stylist. John Lewis now offer complimentary in-store and virtual appointments with their team of stylists across the country who can guide you on specific outfits, occasions and even help you to find a sense of your true personal style. There is no obligation to buy any of the clothes they show you either, it’s just an opportunity for you to find something you will truly love.


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