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With the world opening up more this year, you will find that music festivals are back on the rise, with many possible festivals you could attend. The amount of mud and mess you have to deal with puts people off of attending music festivals. This article will go over how to avoid being muddy and messy at music festivals.

There are luxury camping options

Perhaps one of the most important points that you should consider is that there are many more camping options available away from the traditional ones that you perhaps associate with festivals. For example, you can attend festivals and opt for glamping options. Glamping accommodation can often offer five-star service in an outdoor setting. They come in a few different forms, from tree houses and RVs to yurt tents.

You can contact experts such as Yurtel, who will find you glamping, allowing you to enjoy Glastonbury in luxury. The Yurtel Glastonbury camp can give you a festival experience like no other, which means no more muddy and messy festivals for yourself. You will be treated like royalty. With organisations such as this, you will be able to contact them early so that any questions or queries you have can be addressed, ensuring that you are ready for when you arrive.

The main purpose of these luxury camping options is to give you an enhanced festival experience. It prevents you from getting muddy and messy and gives you comfort and the chance to relax. Some glamping camps will even have spa facilities and other amenities on hand, such as a restaurant or café. If you’ve never experienced luxury camping options before, then now will be the time.

You can attend indoor festivals

While indoor gigs have been around for a long time, they are recently undergoing a period of resurgence. That’s because many local bands formed during lockdown, as a way to pass the time, and now they want to perform. Many music venues and pubs struggled while closed, so they are happy to have more gigs that can bring in customers.

Gigs have now evolved further, with some pubs and music venues hosting indoor festivals over a long weekend. Some event makers will also take over a field and set up lots of tents and domes to host some local music.

These local festivals usually celebrate the community, with plenty of local businesses signing up to either sponsor the event or get involved directly. For example, a local brewery or beer provider may sign up for the indoor festival to provide their own beverages.

Indoor festivals

As you can imagine, attending these local indoor music festivals helps keep you away from the mud and mess, allowing you to focus on the music and the event. You can go here with some friends or make some friends at the indoor festival. There will always be something amazing going on at an indoor festival, so there will be something to do.

More choice in festivals

It’s important to note that there is much more choice in the type of festival you can go to these days, meaning you can go to multiple smaller ones throughout the year or save for one major festival. 2022 is looking good for festivals, with the summer especially having a wide range. As there is more choice, you will be able to cherry-pick the festival that looks the least muddy and messy.

For example, you could go the Leisure Festival, which takes place at an amusement park down in Margate. This is a one-day festival that gives people the chance to embark on rides, as well as listen to music. As this doesn’t take place in a field, you can be sure that this will be slightly less muddy and messy compared to some other festivals.

Ensure you are doing your research, so that you can find the least messy festival around that suits your interests. If you are going to attend a festival with others, consider asking them for advice and recommendation. You will want to ensure that you and everyone that’s going will have the best time possible.

There are screens everywhere

It’s important to note that festivals are much more modern these days. A part of this includes having digital screens situated around the festival. This means that you don’t need to scramble through a big crowd to see the music or hear it, as it will be played across the venue.

Of course, you may still want to get close so that you can see them in person, but you will just need to plan ahead and go earlier rather than later. If you are wanting to avoid the mess and mud around a festival, then standing a bit further back and watching via the screens will be the way to go.

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