Spring Summer 2018 Fashion Trends & How To Wear Them

Posted on Jan 10 2018 - 5:40pm by Samantha Clark

Winter is a sea of navy, grey, black, burgundy, plum and forest with an occasional camel thrown in the mix. Come Spring, we’re ready to inject a bit of colour into our wardrobe and the trends for Spring 18 are no different.  We welcome back colour, and pastels specifically, but there is a bit of an edge to it all this time round.

On the catwalk the designers signified their seasonal projections with a sensational blast of colour and texture and although the concept of colour, athleisure and denim are old friends really, this year the spring and summer seasons will play homage to a time when colour and texture really exploded and fashion was fun to experiment with. This time round, there is a 2018 twist; fly free with colour, play with frills but do so in a tailored way.


When it comes to colour, be bold and bright with colour blocking in a trend the fashion mags are calling Crayola Colouring. Take inspiration from the colouring pencils and just let loose on colour. Blocking allows you to capture this trend in its full essence, dresses and jumpsuits are the easy option for this trend, but if a complete ensemble of bold trousers/skirt and top/cardigan/jumper is too intimidating for you; offset the top or bottom with a muted, pastel tone to give you more confidence.

Speaking of pastels, the dreamy spectrum of colour is most welcome in spring 2018. Pastel shades are synonymous with the season that brings about new life, beginnings and dawns; add a touch of frills for the true romance vibe.

You’ll also find it isn’t just bold colours that will inject into the stores for the seasons ahead but colourful print is also encouraged. Think tropical, rainbow, oriental and floral.

Tropical Coat / Rainbow Dress / Oriental Print Trousers

A Nod To History

Pull out your pencil skirts because it is time for a revival.

The pencil skirts are a flattering style; sitting high on the hips and more closely fitted to the body than the straight skirt, the pencil skirt is great to emphasise or create the illusion of curvature.  To be found in all high street retailers, the pencil skirt is more comfortable than ever, so if you struggle with the tailoring of this style, you’ll be able to find, quite easily, a stretchy version somewhere. Wear with ballet pumps or flip flops for a relaxed take or wear with killer stilettos to elongate your legs.

Athleisure and puffy sleeves, fringe and ruched fabric are all synonymous with 1908s fashion; all were a key feature to the catwalks for the upcoming season.

Athleisure welcomes back the shell suit which can look quite glamorous, ala Rihanna, teamed with heels; giving a glam touch to an otherwise pretty daytime feel. Additional athleisure that we saw on the catwalk was a lot more tailored than we’re used to.  That’s right you can look amazing in the office but feel ultra-comfortable too.  Same goes for a night out; these trousers from …. Tick all the boxes.

Slips, feathers and checks- welcome to the 90s.

In addition to the nod to the 80s, touches from the 90s were also introduced. Feathers and slip dresses popular with bubble-gum pop, think Britney Spears and Cher from Clueless, were also featured quite heavily.

Slip dresses are particularly brilliant for the summer season when things generally get a little hot under the collar. They’re generally lightweight but complementary to most figures, particularly when made from a flexi material like cotton and polyester. You’ll find dressier versions to wear alone for more sophisticated occasions but equally a casual slip can be glammed up with shawls, accessories and heels. Additionally, for a cooler summer day, pair your slip with a t-shirt for a Monica from Friends vibe or wear with a plaid shirt for a more grungy 90s look.

Speaking of plaid; checks were a big feature from all designers for the upcoming season too.

Slip Dress / Feather Shoes / Check Shirt

Let’s Be Practical

Although we hope that from the first day of spring until the end of summer we have nothing but gorgeous weather we do have to be realistic and accept that the spring and particularly a summer in the UK, the weather is sure to go grey on us. It’s always good to be prepared. After all, your winter coat is going to be of no use when things start to heat up.

Trench coats will always see you well but if you’re looking for something a little different, wet look raincoats are going to be a huge hit. Look out for clear plastic or wet look coats and umbrellas; another nod to the late 90s/early noughties. Not only will you be kept dry but you’ll be doing so stylishly.


As for a touch of texture, in addition to feather, ruched fabric and a touch of puff, sheer fabrics that are on the risqué side were featured by several designers as were fringed fabrics. These additions to clothing are a chance to showcase your personality. Have fun with it.

Denim never goes out of fashion but for this season, we welcome back double and multiple layers of denim. It’s also a lot more tailored this time round. Look for denim more structured and complimentary to you personally; it can be tricky to find a pair of jeans that fit perfectly but the search will be worth it. Alternatively, get it tailored to you personally; contact a tailor and see what they can do and what they’re experience is in this area.

Puff Sleeved Top / Ruched Dress/ Fringe & Faux Fur Jacket


As for accessories; if you’ve been waiting for the bumbag to make a return, you’ll be excited about this news, they’re FINALLY back in.  Doesn’t just go around your waist this time though, be a little different and wear it cross body.

Additionally, oversized earrings will be the statement piece of jewellery for the spring and summer seasons. Look for tribal and bold colours and you’re set.

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