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There is contention on how many different skirt styles there actually are. It’s no wonder it can be difficult to know what will suit you. Especially when it comes to online shopping. To help save you time, and money, we’ve looked at the most common skirt styles, for the shapes they suit and the occasions they work best for. This will help you to look at similar styles, with different names and determine if it’ll suit you.

A-Line skirts

An A-line skirt is fitted at the waist and then slightly flares out towards the hem. Generally speaking, most A-line skirts will be around knee length or just lower. As the A-line accentuates the waist, this style skirt typically suits those that want to show this off. It’s also really complementary for women who are curvier in the hips and bum.

Typically, the A-line style is quite conservative, but there are plenty of different lengths and designs with fun prints, patters and textures that you are sure to find something for any occasion.

Pencil skirts

A pencil skirt sits on and accentuates the waist and hips, and comes in around the knees or just below. If you’re trying to play down your curves, avoid the pencil skirt as its function is to really highlight them.

As for occasion, it is again quite a formal style and appropriate for business attire, but can find a style suitable for a wedding too. Equally, a pencil skirt in leather would look great for a night out on the town.

Skater skirts

The skater skirt is high-waisted, flared and typically short for a cute, playful style.

Regarded as a more fun style, you’d typically wear a skater skirt for a more casual endeavour. However, a colour blocked skirt with tights and boots would be just as appropriate to the office. Team with cropped or tucked tops to complete the look.

Because of how it is cut, it will suit most body shapes. Though will typically be found under A-line in terms of style. A longer variation of the skater skirt is the flared skirt which typically uses more fabric to allow you to do that swishing motion.

Tube skirts

Tube skirts are usually slightly longer than pencil skirts and as such are really fitted. Because of the style, you’ll more often than not find a tube skirt in a jersey fabric to give you some freedom of movement. They’ll also generally have a slit either to the side or at the bottom/back of the skirt, again for ease of movement.

As it is tight fitted and a jersey style, if you don’t like to show off your curves or are concerned with lumps and bumps, this is a skirt to avoid. However, do try one on before you disregard it completely. A tube skirt can be really flattering and if you have the freedom of movement with the jersey style, it’s really comfortable, especially in the summer.

 We hope our short but simple guide to skirts have helped. There are so many different styles of skirts that it would be challenging to cover them all, but we will at some point. These are the common styles that you’ll find now in stores and online, though more often than not you’ll search for skirt length; mini, midi and long.

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