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Whether they no longer fit, you just don’t like the style, or feel they are beyond use, donate your unwanted bras to Against Breast Cancer. You’ll be amazed at what they can do with them.

Raise funds for vital research

There are two main ways to donate unwanted bras to Against Breast Cancer: you can drop them off at a local bra bank or send them direct to the charity in the post.

For the unwanted bras they receive, they receive a donation (based on weight) to help fund vital research to help with prevention, detection and increase the survival rate on diagnosis. The amount of money they receive is dependent on the weight of the bras, the more bras they receive, the more money they have for this crucial research.

Could your place of work be a good place to hold a recycle bank? If you’re able to coordinate and hold up to 400 bras for collection, you can take advantage of the free delivery and collection service of the bra bank. Find out more through their website.

Support small businesses in Africa

Not only do your unwanted bras help support the important work that Against Breast Cancer do, but your bras are sent to small businesses in Africa where they revitalise them so they can be sold on. Bras are extremely expensive to make and many women in Africa go without because they can’t afford them. Not only will this give women access to affordable underwear but it helps keep the people in the small businesses stay out of poverty.

Properly dismantle and recycle bras

And for those that can’t be repurposed, they are dismantled and appropriately recycled, ensuring no bra is ever wasted or ends up at a landfill.

It’s not just bras you can donate. You can also donate used stamps, printer cartridges and other clothing items to help support their research.

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