Forget New Year’s resolutions: what are your fashion resolutions for 2024?

I, like many people I know, have been kind of stuck in a fashion rut. A lot of my clothes no longer suit me (both in terms of fit and personal style), but I don’t want to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe.

Really, I want to live in a quieter, more sustainable way next year: no impulse purchases, no buying clothes that go all wonky and misshapen after one wash.

Are you with me? If so, here are some resolutions you might want to try, too.

Fashion resolutions for a greener, calmer year

Setting fashion resolutions means thinking about your own needs. Do you travel a lot? Are you tempted by a capsule wardrobe? Do you have a lot of important events coming up and want to look good? These needs will dictate your resolutions.

For me, being more sustainable is the key thing I want to aim for.

Thrift shopping

I’ve always loved a nose through a charity shop, but this year, I plan to buy all of my clothes second-hand (with the exception of shoes and underwear). This will mean scouring the charity shops and checking out sites like Vinted and Depop.

To me, this is a better way to do things for several reasons. Mostly, it’s better for the planet: you’re picking up something that someone else discarded, saving it from landfill. Also, second-hand clothes tend to be cheaper. Win-win.Low spending

Buying less than normal can be a challenge, but like many people, our finances have taken a hit this year. Many people are deciding to commit to a low-spend or no-spend year, with many YouTube videos explaining the process.

If you want to do this, it’s really important to create a set of rules. Sometimes, you will need to buy clothes – if something breaks, for example, or if you’re invited to a fancy event and you literally have nothing to wear. Setting rules in advance can help you to anticipate these needs.

Forbes’s Ultimate Guide to a No-Buy Year is a thought-provoking read if you want to give this a try. If you have a lot of clothes already, this could work for you.


I would also like to improve my basic sewing skills this year. If you do plan to shop second-hand, being able to do simple alterations (like taking up the length of trousers or skirts) will be really helpful.

I’d also love to be able to fix my clothing in a creative way. For example, embroidery to cover small holes in jeans is a popular trend, and it looks beautiful.

Pinterest planning

Another good habit to get into is to plan shopping trips in advance. It’s far too easy to just grab anything when you’re in the shops, especially in sales: shops can be hot and busy and overwhelming, and it can really impact your decision-making skills.

There are some key items I’d like to buy this year (more trousers, for example, instead of jeans). I am taking the time to create Pinterest boards with my ideal items so I can compare anything I see in the shops with my ‘wish list.’ This may help to stop those impulse purchases that I inevitably end up regretting later.


I’d also like to simplify my existing wardrobe. In the New Year, I plan to do a Marie Kondo-style sort-out: get everything out of my wardrobe and drawers onto the bed and go through each item one by one.

Unless an item really sparks joy, is worn regularly, or has sentimental value, it has to go. Hopefully, this will lead to more headspace and less time rifling through my clothes every morning.

Fashion resolutions for 2024

Your fashion resolutions for 2024 may look a little different. Whatever they might be, a bit of planning in advance can really help to stick to your goals!

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