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Most families face the same problem each year: where to go on holiday. After all, the world is a big place and there are many impressive sights to be seen. Choosing somewhere that appeals to everyone can be difficult, that’s why you need to start thinking about luxury villas in Sicily.

Before you dismiss it, consider how the following can make your family holiday easier:

Cost savings

A private villa sounds expensive. However, once you factor in the cost per person of a standard vacation, you’ll realize that the per-villa price is not significantly different. But the service you get is.

Any money saved by booking a villa in Sicily can help to ensure you have the holiday of a lifetime.

The array of sights

There is many fascinating sites to see in Sicily, including the famous Mount Etna volcano

Sicily has been populated for centuries. It’s home to the Valley of the Temples where you’ll find a collection of Doric temples. These were built by the ancient Greeks in the 5th century BC. It’s also home to Mount Etna, the most active volcano in Europe, and you can get surprisingly close to it.

Alongside this, there are stunning beaches, an array of watersports, and several beautiful nature reserves.

You may prefer to check out the Baroque cities of Modica, Ragusa, and Noto or the Roman theatre at Taormina.

Once you appreciate the array of sights available and which ones you are going to want to see, you’ll be able to find a villa in the right area. It will give you easy access to all the sights and help you to keep the children amused.

Keeping children amused

Keeping children amused can be one of the hardest things when on vacation. You may want to relax and they have plenty of energy and excitement. Being confined to a hotel room makes it hard for them to stay amused.

But, being in a Sicilian villa, perhaps with a pool, will help to ensure they are amused while you enjoy that drink or afternoon siesta.

Knowing where they are

One of the biggest issues on any family holiday is how far can you let the children go by themselves. You don’t know what could happen to them and, therefore, it’s normal for parents to keep them close.

However, having a villa allows your children some freedom while you still know where they are. This gives you a less stressful holiday and helps to ensure everyone enjoys the experience.  It’s a great way to make your family holiday easier.


If you’ve ever packed for a family holiday you’ll appreciate how difficult it can be. You often need to pack an array of belongings and don’t know what will be waiting for you at the other end. That’s not an issue when you book a villa in Sicily. You’ll get a complete list of items and the ability to ask questions and get nearly instantaneous answers.

In short, you’ll find it much easier to pack just what you need, reducing much of the stress induced from travelling.

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