Going on holiday is an exciting luxury. Just remember, it’s the same for everyone else travelling with you. We’ve seen and heard some awful things when it comes to travelling lately so we’ve put together an essentials etiquette guide to travelling.

Below, we’ve provided our first-hand suggestions on ensuring the traveling experience is pleasant not just for you, but for everyone.

Research your destination

In advance of your trip get to know your destination a little better.

Travel etiquette

Research tourist attractions, find out a little more about the culture and customs and if you can, pick up a few key phrases that’ll help you on your travels.

We know it can be tempting to spend your days relaxing on a sun lounger but do get out of the hotel where you can and experience the place you’re staying. Tourism is how lots of countries make their money but its no good lining the pockets of the hoteliers. We’ll bet the people you meet and the sites you see will make it all the more enjoyable and a profound experience for it too.

Be organised

When at the airport, in particular, there are queues of people depending on each other to help keep things moving. So, ensure that the items you need easy access to are organised in a way you can get to them quickly and efficiently.

  1. Ensure that your documents are easily accessible for each part of your journey.
  2. When packing your hand luggage, consider what you’ll need to take out as part of security checks. There are certain electrical items that’ll need to be shown, out of cases. Organise your luggage so you have easy access to these items.
  3. Following on from the above, be sure to familiarise with what you can and cannot take on your travels. This will save you time at security so you can enjoy the duty free spending and not face an awkward wait and questions for things you should know not to have.
  4. Get yourself a plastic, clear cosmetics bag (it must be 20cm x 20cm, completely transparent and sealable) so you can organise your toiletries (that need to be presented) in advance of airport security- the beauty of these is their also stronger than what you get at the airport and you can use it time and time again!
  5. When it comes to hand luggage, only grab what is essential when taking your seat. You’ll have other opportunities to get other items during your flight. Allow other passengers to get past as needed as this will help to speed up the boarding process.
  6. Once on the plane, adjust any analogue timepieces to the time of your destination. This will ensure you won’t forget later when you may need it most (we’re mostly talking about excursions on your trip)

Follow the pace

Travel items

We appreciate that your journey can entail a bit of queuing and waiting; through security checks, passport control, waiting for luggage, waiting for your transfers etc. but be mindful of your surroundings at all time. Ensure that you move with any queues so you don’t cause any unnecessary hold up and follow the pace around the airport. There are many sections that allow for people to get to and from gates swiftly so be cautious you’re not in someone’s way.

When on the plane

Reclining your seat

It’s a heated debate. To recline or not to recline? We’re of the opinion that are times during your flight that you can and should be able to recline and some when you cannot.

When you could recline your seat:

  • Sleeping- definitely
  • Relaxing- but not inconveniencing the person behind you

When you can’t recline your seat:

  • Don’t be that person that reclines as soon as you board. You need your seat up for take-off so don’t waste anyone’s time by reclining now.
  • When food & drink is being served- it’s not nice to have your tray in your lap, it’s nice to have a little bit of room to eat. The only exception to this is if you’ve fallen asleep and you’ll miss your meal.

There are lots of people out there that don’t feel that they can recline their seat at all. But do you know what, you can! The function is there and if you need to get comfortable this is a way to do it. If you’re concerned about inconveniencing someone, just ask the person behind if they’d mind. They’re not likely to say no.

Be courteous to your fellow passengers

  • When trying to get up we know it can be awkward but DO NOT pull on the seat of the person in front of you. It’ just not nice. Simply use it the seat in front to hold your balance.
  • Give people the freedom to move around you- some need the loo more than others; some people need to stretch and move about more. Please let them do it.
  • Don’t let your children kick or bash on the seat in front. You’d hate it too.
  • You don’t need to thump the buttons of the entertainment device. Yes it’s a little sensitive but it just needs a gentle touch.
  • Always leave the bathroom in a nice state. Don’t pee or splash water all over the floor and don’t leave it messy. If you’re going to do a really stinky poo, maybe take in a small aerosol of something nice to freshen it up afterwards.
  • Take all your rubbish away when you leave the aircraft. It’s unnecessary and just revolting.

Be kind and polite

Yes, it’s super exciting to be going on holiday. Yes, you’ve paid a lot of your hard-earned cash to be there. But always be kind and polite. There have been many cases of perceived entitlement when going on holiday and it can lead you in some very hot water.

Always be courteous and friendly to the staff in the airport. Even the serious ones (in fairness to them- it’s a pretty serious job they’re doing), your hotel, resort staff and your fellow passengers and guests. You’re guaranteed a much more enjoyable stay if you’re kind and polite than if you’re rude and obnoxious. Staff are also more likely to want to go above and beyond to ensure your holiday is an enjoyable one.

Be mindful of tipping

As part of your research find out about tipping customs.

In most countries, it’ll be customary to tip those who provide you with the following services: transport, cleaning, serving and tourism (specifically tour guides). Though it’s always best to find out what is expected in advance.

Do you have any bugbears when it comes to travelling? We’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below!

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