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The morning commute is often associated with the usual feelings; dreariness, exhaustion, irritation, anger, and dread. Few people look forward to their journeys into work, especially when anti-social behaviours are added to the proceedings. In the end, the morning commute is a time that’s really hard to both master and enjoy.

Still, that’s not to say that these things are impossible. With the right tips and tricks at your disposal, you could leave the miserable lot behind and join the happy camp on the commute. Consequently, here’s how to make that morning commute a more enjoyable experience!

Commute with a friend/colleague

Unfortunately, there seems to be an unwritten rule of commuting into work alone. Nearly everywhere you might look on a train or bus, you’ll see a bunch of isolated individuals avoiding eye contact. Is it necessary? Well, obviously, the short answer is no!

If your find your commute is a bit of a slog and happen to have a friend and colleague who lives near you and takes the same or similar route, why not head into work together? At the very least you can chat about your weekend plans or have a hearty debate about Brexit just to spice up the journey! You can carpool or just wait for each other at the train station or bus stop – get bonding and wag those chins!

Read a book, take a laptop

If you’re slugging it on a train every day, then this gets tedious very fast. Smelling people’s food, hearing peoples phone calls, seeing the same scenery – it all wears out very quickly and harshly. Instead of quietly seething every morning though, direct your attention to elsewhere for your betterment.

For example, on your train trips, you can simply read a book, watch a film or catch up on your TV show on your laptop or iPad. More and more people are doing this now, and it’s a great way to preoccupy yourself with the things you like when you’re trapped in a long metal tube with a few dozen strangers. Immerse yourself in the things you enjoy, and you’ll start to enjoy the commute a lot more thereafter!

Use an e-bike

Of course, traffic is another niggling bug bearer of the commuter. Being stuck in your car and forced to do nothing but wait and stare out of the window is understandably infuriating. Many people put up with it though, because they believe there’s nothing they can do to remedy the situation. Well, while you can’t fix things for others, you can avoid the traffic all together instead and ditch them all!

For example, a bike can be an extremely efficient alternative here. After all, the e-bicycle (or e-bike if you’re hip and trendy) is completely portable, affordable, and is also great for storage. Because it’s light and foldable, it means that you can store your e-bike practically anywhere you so choose, and it’s unlikely to get in the way or be a burden to carry around. You’ll get fit, find it easier to switch to trains partway through your journey, and generally commute cleanly into work on your e-bike!

This post was created in collaboration with Brompton Bicycle

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