Your Christmas wardrobe will be quite festive, possibly lots of sparkles, sequins, and of course there are playful jumpers too. For a lot of us, our winter wardrobe consists of dark colours, so beyond Christmas, when the gloomy winter really starts to set in, our wardrobes can look a little dull. You don’t need to completely reinvent your wardrobe to inject a little colour, even incorporating a few new pieces can make the world of difference, not just to your style but your mood too. Here’s how.

Play with eye colour

The lack of sun does not do any favours for our complexion, and the colours you wear can exacerbate it, in fact, it can be quite draining actually. You can incorporate colour in all aspects of your being. Eye shadow, for instance, can instantly lift your complexion. Cool colours, like blues and silvers can help create a shimmer whilst adding a little colour.

Pastel colour sweaters

Don’t be afraid to add some colourful pieces to your wardrobe through winter. Sweaters come in an array of colours and can instantly transform the look of any outfit. In particular, icy and pastel colours can work really well in winter. Sweaters may seem like a casual choice but they can be made dressier with jewellery and simply tucking them into the waistband of your trousers or skirts.

Colourful scarves and hats

Scarves, hats and gloves are a winter essential but it doesn’t mean you can’t be more playful here. In fact, we’d wholly encourage it. Woollen beanies and bobble hats are the more casual hat choice but you can often find them in an array of bright and bold colours which look great against a black coat. If you need something more formal, you can always opt for a beret or a fedora in a richer hue- formal doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be black.

Update your staples

Your capsule collection is made up of interchangeable clothing, often are in neutral tones to ensure you can wear them with anything, for any occasion. However, there is nothing in the rule book that says you can’t have a range of colourful pieces to help mix things up. If you need to update your capsule collection, consider some colourful long-sleeved tops that can be worn under dresses and t-shirts; go for skirts with colour so you always have something to stand out against the black, you get the idea.

Add gemstones

Don’t feel you have to limit the sparkles and sequins to the Christmas period. Incorporate jewels and jewel tones into your outfit for pops of colour. If could be some bold and beautiful earrings, rings, brooches, or an embellished Peter Pan collar to help dress up any outfit.

A colourful coat

There are so many gorgeous winter coats that steer clear from the typical blacks, navy and browns and you can easily find something suitable for formal occasions and for fun that is both colourful and warm. The Christmas sales is the best time to get yourself a new coat so consider your favourite colours and what most of your outfits could go with and get playful.

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