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Life is too short to have bad food but when you’re out and about, in a rush here or there, it can be difficult to get a good quality meal you can enjoy in your surroundings, let alone something from somewhere that are making strides to reduce the environmental impact. Equally, trying to carry something homemade that’ll still be fresh at lunch is just as challenging. Here we look at some cool products that are a must-have for the eco-conscious foodies among you.

A blanket for your car

For a compact blanket that can double as a shawl on a cold summer evening it just has to be a Country Club Recycled Cotton Picnic Blanket. Keep it in the car so if you ever find yourself on the road and in need of a break, find a beautiful spot you want to spend 10 minutes in to soak up a view, or for those days you head to the beach, for a picnic, or walk, you’ll have something super comfortable to sit on.  

Not only is it made from recycled materials, primarily cotton, but we’re confident you’ll be able to throw it in the wash to use time and time again (having not used these personally, we can’t guarantee it but there’s nothing in the description to make us think otherwise).

If you need something a little more durable, the Wild Wool recycled wool blankets are more for you. They have a soft, recycled wool top and a synthetic, waxed bottom to handle the muddiest of grounds. It’s best to note that blankets like these are wipe clean only but that doesn’t mean you won’t get tons of wear out of it though, arguably more so?!

A cup to go

If you don’t carry around a reusable water bottle or coffee cup, do you want the planet to die? Ok, that was a bit extreme. But carrying a water bottle is such a simple inconvenience that can have such a huge impact. The must-have accessories, a travel flask (for you hot drinkers) and/or a reusable water bottle are essential for any trip out of the home; whether you’re heading off to work, or running errands at the supermarket, it’s wise to carry a drink or a vessel to get something to drink when you’re on the go.

The perfect eco coffee/tea mug has to be the Circular and Co’s Reusable Coffee Cup. Made from recycled paper cups, it’s guaranteed leakproof and last at least 10 years. Plus, it can keep your drink at the desired temperature for between 60 and 90 minutes. Yes, it can be used for hot and cold drinks and at 12oz, it’s not a massive thing that would be inconvenient to carry around. These are just a taste of the pros you get with their Reusable Coffee Cup and at £15.95, it’s a bargain too!

A cool bag and ice block

If you want to keep your lunch as fresh as possible, an insulated cool bag is the way to go. Simply pop it in the fridge, or freezer, an hour or two before you need it, or if you don’t have time, pop an ice block in it instead and it’ll keep your food fresh until lunchtime, no matter how early the start, or late the lunch.

We particularly like the Three Peaks Tide Lunch Bag, not just for its cool design but because it’s made from recycled PET (food safe) plastic bottles, its water-resistant, easy to clean, spacious and, if you like the backpack too, it’s modular design means you can carry more with ease.

Portable cutlery set

We live in a post pandemic world and although normality has mostly resumed, we’re still ever conscious of having clean hands. This can be problematic when eating out and about, especially trying to grab something on the go and wanting to forgo using plastic cutlery (which although is slowly making its way out for more recyclable friendly options, it is still ever present).

If you want to be able to eat a meal on the go with a full-sized set of cutlery, or be able to enjoy your meal with a straw that won’t go limp in 5 minutes, the MNCHED cutlery set is what you need. The MNCHED cutlery set includes a full-sized fork, knife, spoon, and straw, made from Stainless Steel in a compact case that fits into most bags and lunchboxes effortlessly. The additional beauty is it can all go safely, even the case, into the dishwasher at the end of the day, ready to be used again the next day. 

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