Eco-clothing used to be something that was hard to find. If you could track it down, it could often be scratchy and shapeless. Happily, as Bob Dylan wrote, “The times they are a-changin’”.

Brands going eco

If you’re worried about the environment, you’re not alone. Big name brands are now getting to grips with sustainability within fashion.

This opens the market up to combining your eco values without compromising on style or design.

  • PAPER London is creating swimwear from recycled fishing nets.
  • Prada are combining fishing nets, plastic waste, and discarded fabrics in their range, Re-Nylon.
  • Pringle of Scotland create limited edition jumpers from recycled fibres.

Celebrities supporting eco

It’s awesome when famous folk use their platform to raise the profile of causes that are important to them and the wider world.

Luxury doesn’t have to mean ‘celebrity’ but the two do often go together.

  • Megan Markle loves trainer brand Veja. They’ve been doing their eco thing since 2005. The brand is committed to sourcing raw materials that have been organically and ecologically farmed. The production processes are chemical-free and eco-friendly.
  • Beyonce and Cate Blanchett have been seen in Marine Serre’s crescent moon fabric. Serre’s pieces are innovative and futuristic. Check out her videos REGENERATED on IG to explore her commitment to sustainable production.
  • Brother Vellies creates handbags and shoes. They’re handcrafted by African artisans. Known for their wonderful mules, they’re loved by the writer Elaine Welteroth, Solange the singer, and entrepreneur Leandra Medine.

Style yourself

Repair and upcycle clothes you’ve not worn in a while

Avoiding fast fashion and investing in some luxury eco pieces gives you the chance to rediscover your personal look.

The investment in eco-luxury fashion means you’re more likely to take great care of the garments. These pieces will become your trademark look, a key part of your capsule wardrobe.

When it’s time for a change, visit vintage stores and charity shops. You can pick up new-to-you items. You will also be helping reduce the £140m worth of clothing that ends up in UK landfills every year.

Reuse too

Four out of five people have clothing in their wardrobes that they don’t wear because it needs altering or doesn’t fit.

Learn some basic tailoring skills and you will be able to recreate new pieces from your old ones.

Refash_ on Insta recently shared their ‘Broken Lines Jacket’, creating a contemporary jacket from a vintage curtain. The von Trapp family were ahead of their time!

Another fun way to reuse garments is to throw a clothes swap party. Invite your friends round (now lockdown allows!) and see what new outfits you can create together.

Eco Dragon, Deborah Meaden, even did this with me when I was her housekeeper! (She just gave me some items; she didn’t want any of mine…).

Thanks to the David Attenborough Effect of the Blue Planet programmes, the importance of eco processes has filtered through our collective consciousness. What are your favourite ways to combine eco and luxury values in your life? Let us know in the comments below or email us at We’d love to share ideas!

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