Are you preparing for the Easter holidays and how to spend the break? Whether you’re spending the holidays at home, or heading off on your holidays, it can be good to be armed with some activities and adventures that you can do together. Easter may be a holiday known for its egg hunts but there are plenty of little hunts you can go on together, here’s just a few ideas.

Rock hunting

Rocks can be found in abundance in parks, on the beach and in the woods so planning a day going on a rock hunt should be quite effortless. You could theme it; looking for egg shaped rocks that can be used in a crafts project later, or to simply try and find as many different variations of rocks as you can, for example. You may even decide to make it educational and highlight how rocks are formed, learn about the different types of rocks, how they end up at the coast, or how they’re used in buildings, for instance. It could turn into a budding interest for your little one, or make for a fun and different day out.

Fossil hunting

We can feel quite disconnected to prehistoric times, it’s often something we hear stories about and may experience it in a museum behind glass. But to discover something for yourself, to see it with your own eyes, to hold a piece of history in your hands, well that’s a whole other experience! Whether they’ve shown an interest in the prehistoric era or not, going fossil hunting could be a fascinating adventure. As fossils aren’t just found anywhere (well they are, but you’ll have more chance of discovering something in specific locations), you can make a day’s trip of it and visit one of the historical sites to make your own discovery.  

Flower hunting

Get to know and find the flowers that bloom in spring on a flower hunt. This kind of adventure may not just happen in one location so you could create a bit of a route based on your knowledge of the local areas and where you may find spring flowers. To help get you started, below are some of the common flowers that you’ll find in spring and some of the locations they can be found in:

  • Blossom
  • Daffodils
  • Snowdrops: commonly found in woodland areas and near riverbanks
  • Tulips: commonly found in orchards and meadows
  • Forget-me-nots: commonly found in woodlands and riverbanks
  • Bluebells: commonly found in woodlands

The RHS School Gardening website has a fun little check sheet for spring that you can print and take with you.

Seasonal food hunt

As supermarkets have food shipped from all around the world, we can become a little complacent on what is readily available. Like our flowers, only certain fruits and vegetables can be grow in the UK during spring. Teach little ones what fruits and vegetables are in season by visiting a local farmers market or shop. You could extend the excursion by purchasing some of the seasonal produce and taking it home to work on a seasonal recipe together; not only will it taste so good for all of your efforts, but we’re sure you’ll really appreciate the seasonal flavours too!

Egg hunting

If you are looking for an egg hunt to take the family on, maybe tie in one or two of the adventures above, or just an opportunity to have a fun day out, some National Trust and Visit England sites throughout the UK are organising Easter activities and egg hunts throughout the holidays. It’s also worth checking with your local church and town for events that’ll be happening in your area, we’re sure they’ll be taking place in abundance.

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