One of the pleasures of being a blogger is the ability to shine a light on good causes. You may have read some of our previous posts about the Beat Bullying campaign, Asthma UK and the importance of food banks. I suppose it’s our way of giving back.

I believe in the importance of charity work, although I may not always have the time, and it seems that I’m not alone. This week, ethical mobile network ‘The People’s Operator’ (TPO), found that more than nine in ten of us have donated to charity at some stage in our lives, either by giving money, offering raffle prizes or giving to a food bank. But even so, half of us believe we could be doing more.

But there is good news. For those of you that don’t have the time to run marathons, bake cakes or volunteer at your local charity shop, there is an easier way!

You can use websites such as, which give a percentage of your purchases to good causes. There are also credit card equivalents and mobile phone networks.

One of these, TPO, donates 10% of customer bills to charities of their choice. With virtually no effort required at all, you could be helping others, without lifting a finger. Well, other than to make phone calls, texts and download your favourite updates from the blog!

Imagine the difference this would make, especially to smaller charities, if we all decided to move to the network. If you’re not familiar with them, TPO runs on the Three network and is surprisingly affordable with contracts from £7.99 a month. If you’re interested in finding out more please visit their website below.

Infographic TPO

There’s plenty more interesting insight in the statistics, including that the average person donates more than £70 a year to charities. Aren’t we a kind lot!

The research was commissioned by ethical mobile network ‘The People’s Operator’, which donates 10% of customer’s bills to their chosen charity. For more information, please visit

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