Sun’s out, legs out.

As my legs spend a majority of time being covered up, I’m honestly not overly confident about getting them out.  They lack tone, but it’s the texture, lack of smooth skin and the fact they’re pasty compared to the rest of me that bothers me most.  Fed up of looking for skirts that sit below the knee or forgoing them altogether, we devised our own exfoliator that tackles the appearance of cellulite, orange-peel skin and smoothness, using all-natural ingredients that we just had to share.

All you’ll need to follow is a little fake tan to be more legs confident.

You’ll need:

  • 1tsp of Sugar
  • 1tsp ground coffee
  • 2-3tsp of olive oil

What do they do?

The sugar will help to slough away dead skin cells

The caffeine in the coffee helps to tackle the cellulite by increasing blood flow, helping to tightening the skin. Coffee is a natural, rich, anti-oxidant that’ll help brighten the skin too.

The olive oil will help to hydrate your skin as the exfoliator works.

cellulite exfoliator

How to

Mix the ingredients together until it forms a paste. First start with a dry body brush (if you have one) to help stimulate the muscles and nerves, then hop in the shower and when the skin is wet, work the product in an upwards circular motion.

For best results, do this for a few days in a row and use targeted exercise to help reduce further. When satisfied with the exfoliation, follow our guide to fake tan to give your legs a natural, healthy glow. Top tip: don’t use an exfoliator for the first 5-7 days following a fake tan application as this will remove it; however, using a scrub will help to even out a fake tan if it doesn’t come out as desired.

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