Metabolism is the metabolism, which consists of all the processes in our body that are necessary to keep it alive and functioning properly. It directly influences the maintenance of appropriate body weight. Various factors such as illness or age, for example, contribute to a slowing down of the metabolism, and we then wonder how it can be improved. Well-chosen dietary supplements are effective to support this case. Which ones? Find out by reading the following article.

Written in collaboration with Aleksandra Barczewska

Green tea extract supplements

Ingredients contained in green tea extract, including theine, enhance the process of thermogenesis, i.e. the production of heat by the body, during which the burning of calories and stored fat is increased. Regular intake of green tea supplements leads to the breakdown of fat molecules and their oxidation. On the other hand, the catechins contained in the extract improve metabolism through the activity of digestive enzymes. These substances also significantly inhibit the absorption of fat and glucose from food. They make it possible to reduce weight noticeably.

Cinnamon bark supplements

Cinnamon bark has antioxidant effects and helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Cinnamon bark supplements support digestion and suppress appetite. Cinnamon belongs to the group of thermogenic substances that, by having a warming effect, force the body to lower its temperature, resulting in the expenditure of energy. It has been proven that the polyphenols it contains have the ability to limit fat gain.

Supplements with dandelion root extract

Dandelion regulates the digestive system, supporting and improving digestion. It helps to slow down the absorption of sugar and lower the glycaemic index of the food consumed. Taking dandelion root supplements helps to get rid of excess water from the body and supports cleansing, which is beneficial not only for appearance but also for mood.

Supplements with cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper effectively speeds up the metabolism, helping to oxidise and burn fat and carbohydrates. Cayenne pepper supplements increase thermogenesis, which stimulates the body to expend energy and burn calories. For this reason, they are recommended for support during weight loss treatments. In particular, the capsaicin they contain supports weight reduction and reduces the risk of developing obesity.

Multicomponent supplements

These are products containing several ingredients in their composition that complement each other, thus maximising the effects. Dietary supplements called fat burners contain several ingredients that boost our metabolism and are dedicated to women who are looking for effective and multidimensional support in the fight for a slim and healthy figure. In addition, extremely often, they not only support the metabolism but also effectively promote the reduction of cellulite.

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