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The Christmas holidays are nearing, as the clocks go back, the nights get colder and getting out of bed gets that little bit harder. The festive season always seems to take us by surprise, so all the better that you’re already thinking of fun ways to decorate your house for Christmas!

It can be easy to get over faced by all the individual Christmas tasks you need to undertake, so here we’ll make things a little easier for you – with three brilliant ways to approach Christmas decorating.

Start with a theme

For many, Christmas is theme enough in and of itself – leading to a never-ending carousel of loud, clashing home decorations that are as much migraine-inducing as they are celebrations of the season. To save yourself both the figurative and physical headache, why not simplify things with a theme?

Your theme could be as bare bones as a colour palette, even. All it’s doing is giving you a rubric to work within, narrowing your options and ensuring you end up with the most brilliant results. It can also be helpful with managing your Christmas dinner table plan, by helping you come up with some unique ways to set the table.

Christmas decoration ideas

The Christmas tree

Your Christmas tree is, naturally, the centrepiece of your Christmas decoration efforts. It is the focal point of your festive living space, and the place around which almost all of your Christmas Day activities will take place – from the opening of gifts to the playing of party games and the inevitable sherry-induced napping.

As such, you may feel the pressure in getting your Christmas tree just right this year. Thankfully, Christmas trees are not difficult to decorate well! With the right constituent parts and ornaments, your tree can become a truly special thing in just an afternoon’s work.

First off, you should start with fairy lights and tinsel for a glowy, glittery baseline on which to build your tree design. For a regal touch, you could replace the traditional tinsel with ribbons. From here, it’s simply a matter of going wild with your baubles and other ornaments.


You might not be thrilled at the idea of venturing up a ladder in sub-zero temperatures to half-heartedly hang a “Merry Xmas” display from your guttering – but that doesn’t mean your home’s exterior should be neglected from your Christmas decoration plans! There are many different ways you can make your garden and home shine for your neighbourhood, with more palatable installation methods to boot.

You could shoot for a simple garden display, with festive gnomes and other ornaments forming an alternative nativity. You could use fairy lights to festoon a garden arch and create a beautiful place of repose in your front garden. Lastly, you could save yourself the ladder trip and dangle lighting from the windows of your upper floors.

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