Day dating: the perfect solution for those that have little ones and can’t get a sitter (some of these can be done with children), wanting to spend some extra quality time together, or to try something different and fun- some will even help you to feel more youthful. If you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to your next date, give these a try.

You probably do a lot of these things already, but perhaps you only do it if you’re with other couples- it’s something me and my partner are guilty of. Carve out a little you two time each month (we put a BLOCK in the diary so we know not to put anything else in) and do something a little out of the norm, just the two of you, if you can. You’ll be surprised what a little extra quality time together can do for your love life, no matter how long you’ve been together. Some of these would also be perfect try on Valentine’s Day weekend too.

Be a tourist for a day

Whether in your town or next – if you live by the sea for example, go to the beach for the day and grab some fish and chips or ice cream and meander down the boulevard. Do whatever the tourists do in your town when they pay a visit.

Go for a long walk, hike, or bike ride

Better yet, head out early morning to catch a sunrise or to ogle over the sunset together- how romantic!

Go to a tearoom for afternoon tea

How decadent! It’s the perfect way to spend a casual weekend day and you can actually have a conversation for once.

Go and see a local/small theatre show

It’s bound to be silly and fun and you’re supporting small theatre groups too. If you’re a local to Bristol, I’d recommend checking out The Wardrobe Theatre!

We’d love to hear about your local theatres and venues, tag us in a post and we’ll give them a plug on our social channels.

Go to a board game café

Have a little friendly competition; if you already play boardgames at home, it’ll be nice to have a change of scenery and they’ll have helpful staff on site to help you find something new.

Go to a vineyard or orchard

It’s quite fascinating to do and often you can get yourself a nice hearty lunch to enjoy with a glass of wine or cider afterwards.

Go to a cooking class

Learn something new and have a new recipe you’ll be able to make at home together- we’ll bet it’ll become a firm favourite.

Play laser quest

Take on all the kids; there’s nothing like taking a bunch of 10-year-olds down and you having the last laugh.

Take to the trees – try adventure climbing

Can be light-hearted fun, can be about trust- or trying to show-off, it’s something a bit different anyway.

Try a dance class

This one may surprise you- sounds simple enough but you can learn a lot about each other and actually have loads of fun (yes, both of you).

Visit a local market

Be it food, flower, book or general. Nice to go for a meander, try new foods, pick up something new to try and support small businesses. If it’s a food market, pick up some produce to devour over the weekend.

Go for brunch

You don’t need to go with friends to enjoy a bit of brunch! Enjoy a nice lazy morning in bed and then try somewhere new for your food.

Have a naked day

Yep, just totally naked, the entire day. It’s oddly thrilling.

Go the arcade

Be a teen, play air hockey, Mario Kart and eat junk food

Go for a drive

Pack some tunes and some snacks and see where you end up- you could stop for lunch, see some odd or old monument, or end up nowhere at all.

Go to a spa

Or create a DIY one at home. The couple that spa together, stay together (it’s really the only time you’ll both switch off!).

Make pasta together

Pasta is actually incredibly simple to make but something really nice to do together.

Help your local community

Go on a beach or park clean together- you’ll feel good for doing something good.

Go to a vintage movie theatre

You want them to bring out ice cream on the carts during the ‘interval’. The seats are massive, the sound just fine but it’s like being in some old rom-com.

It’s a free day out, can learn something new, show off about something you know they don’t, create your own scenarios for the scenes in the paintings- just don’t take yourselves seriously.

Go to a pottery class

If you’ve seen Ghost, you’ll definitely have fantasised about it! Just do it!

Go play crazy golf

Good old silly fun.

Go paddleboarding

Maybe wait until it’s a bit warmer to do this one- the British weather isn’t exactly favourable. Just be sure you’ve got somewhere to warm up after (or just pack a flask and blanket).

Go see a drive-in movie

Yep, just like in Grease! If you can’t find one, recreate your own outdoor theatre at home with a sheet and projector.

Go on a boat tour

Explore a new city, just have a drink on the river, it’s different and actually quite romantic.

Do a painting competition

One to do at home- get yourself some canvases, cheap paints, and brushes, set yourself a theme and see what you both come up with.

What day dates would you like to try? Got any we can recommend to our readers? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll give you a shout out on social!

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