As the nights draw in and we approach Christmas, M&S Homeware’s Visual Merchandiser and Sharon Shokar, M&S Insider and Kidswear Technologist at M&S Kidswear are sharing how we can ‘cosify’ our living spaces along with tips to help parents add some classic Christmas themed film fun to evenings at home with the kids. 

M&S Homeware’s Visual Merchandiser shares: “When it comes to ‘cosifying’ your living space it can be as easy as switching out your cushions and throws. But, selecting colour ways, textures and perfecting the finer details of your chosen soft furnishings can be a challenge.”

To harmonise the colour, patterns and textures in a room, they advise: “Following the classic decor rule of 60:30:10, if you have a sage green painted wall as your dominant colour in 60% of the room, you can match this with a complementary secondary tone, such as calm ochre in the curtains or furniture. To make up the remaining accented 10%, use accessories like cushions and throws. To decide on the perfect cushion combination, patterns using an analogous colour palette, where three hues are all adjacent to each other on the colour wheel, are a good option.

“Think faux fur, sheepskin or tasselled textures against patterns – such as stripes, geometric or nature-themed illustrations – to help tie in with the rest of your interiors.”

“To convert an unused corner of your room, create a cosy nook to extend your living space and provide more space for relaxation.  

“To create your cosy retreat, pair an armchair with a side table and floor lamp. To cosy it up, add cushions and throws. You don’t need too many cushions to get cosy on an armchair; one large cushion will suffice just fine. To pull in the overall balance of the room, mimic and match the colours and patterns of your sofa cushions.  

“Add some extra details to your nook to add warmth and personality such as a hanging planter or some artwork. When it comes to styling your side tables, accessories with a vase of flowers and a scented candle.”  

Sharon shares: “Once you’ve cosified your living space, why not incorporate some winter themed movie fun into your evening with the family. Home Alone is a classic 1990s family movie with endless escapades that provides a lot of inspiration for bedtime looks.  

“Incorporating fictional fun into bedtime routines is a great way to bond with children while making bedtime something to look forward to. If your kids love Home Alone then recreate Kevin McCallister’s iconic look with some checked pyjamas. Or why not dress up in some red girls’ gingham pjs to mirror another of Kevin’s classic looks.”

Sharon adds: “The Chronicles of Narnia is another classic that is still a family favourite, exploring the wonder of stepping into a wardrobe and discovering a whole new world.  

“Whether you want to play dress up with some boys or girls’ pyjamas that evoke the feeling of the movie or take inspiration from the cosy coats worn in the story with a fluffy dressing gown or onesie, this is a great choice for a cosy night in.”  

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