CLOSED: A signed copy of Harriet’s debut album Harriet before release!

Posted on Sep 14 2016 - 2:00pm by Samantha Clark
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Hasn’t she got a fantastic voice….I just think she’s great”, Claire Balding

“A mesmerising performer: Karen Carpenter meets Stevie Nicks, with a fresh musical twist.”  Paul Watson, Headliner Magazine

 This girl is going to be a big star”- Larry Flick, Sirius XM/Billboard Magazine

One of the musical voices of the year, discovered right here on this show” – Graham Norton, Radio 2

Harriet signed album

 Harriet –a gorgeously enthralling young British singer/songwriter whose last track, ‘Broken For You’ boasts an impressive 2,000+ UK radio plays, announces the release of her new single, ‘First and Last’, accompanied by her self-titled album, ‘Harriet’ – both released simultaneously on October 7 and 5 lucky readers have the chance to win a limited edition signed promo-copy of Harriet’s debut album ‘Harriet’, you’ll get this ahead of it’s general release, so you’ll be the first!

Harriet’s lyrical craftsmanship and beguiling voice have a spell-binding effect on all who hear her, with the power to alter the face of some of our longest standing media, with Readers Digest creating their first ever ‘music podcast’ especially for her; and a request during a live performance on Gaby Roslin’s BBC Radio London Show for Harriet to ‘sing that again’ – an unprecedented request from the show!

Lush, rich, indulgent – Harriet has the delicious vocal ability to expose emotions we didn’t even know we possessed. Delving deep and weaving their way into the absolute fabric of our being, Harriet’s voice is flecked with a vulnerability, which carries hints of pure innocent tones.  ‘Harriet’ is an album bursting with the tracks that have mapped Harriet’s cosmic rise in the industry, from the delicate sensitivity of the heart-wrenching ‘Unlove You’, the up-tempo spirit-soaring ‘Fly’ (which boasts play-lists across x28 regional UK radio stations) and ‘Broken For You’, (Harriet’s last single which notched up over 2000 UK radio plays), every track on this album is single-worthy in its own right.

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The single, ‘First And Last’ is released on Bright Star Records on October 7

The album ‘Harriet’ is released on Bright Star Records on October 7.

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