Colour has the power to revitalise any property in the need of a little lift. It is not just old properties that require a little TLC, as often even the most beautiful of properties can begin to look tired and need updating. Rather than spending over the odds to make your home a shiny new pad, simply painting a few walls or adding a splash of colour is sometimes all that is required. Whether you wish to breathe new life into your humble abode or boost the appeal of your latest buy to let property, there are a few head turning colours that are really revolutionising the interiors of many properties in 2019.


Although this may sound a little unusual, shades of green are really going to get people talking. Pantone’s colour palette for this year features a whole host of different shades of green… who knew there were so many? Golden Lime, Martini Olive, and Terrarium Moss are amongst other colours set to be a huge hit in 2019.

Using green throughout your property can be a little daunting at first as it can be unnerving knowing what to do with such a bold colour. In actuality, when used inside a home, shades of green can create a feeling of tranquillity, hence why it would be a great addition for a bedroom or a children’s nursery. Since green also has connotations of nature, it is perfect if you want to make use of the rising ‘Biophilia’ trend. This phenomenon is entering more homes this year and refers to bringing the outside indoors. As well as adding the feeling of nature to your new home through splashes of green, you could also consider decorating your rooms with a natural touch of this shade through plants and flowers.


Coral is the colour of the moment that is dominating many households across the UK due to being voted Pantone’s colour of the year. This cheerful colour brings happiness to any home and is perfect if you wish to add some warmth into your living room, dining room, or even bedroom. All coral walls may look a little intense and will distract from the fact that the colour on its own can do great things in terms of interior design. Try painting a feature wall, to be sure not to overload the colour around your home. If you are wanting a subtler look, then coral accessories and furnishings can still help you reach your desired effect.


Neutral shades are a classic. These timeless shades are the most popular choice year after year and fail to ever go out of style. For those who are opting for a minimalist décor, the introduction of whites, greys and beige are perfect. Using neutral tones can really refresh your existing home. Property investment specialists RW Invest recognise the need to appeal to a mass audience through opting to paint their latest properties with neutral décor. By using these shades, it allows more room for personalisation and to really transform a house into a home.

Pink Blush

Pinks are deemed a risky colour and many people fear introducing them into their home. When these are used in the right way, however, a pink blush can add a softness to your living space. Softer shades of rose gold and peachy pink can look beautiful next to a contrasting colour, with navy blue and pink emerging in popularity over recent years. Pinks can be introduced to any room in the house. Painted walls, feature wallpaper, plush furnishings and an array of different vases and candles are a stylish way to use this dominating trend without being too over the top.

Citrus Lemon

Lemon is predicted to create a major statement this year. Yellow colour schemes will be a welcomed addition to any part of the home and will help to create an inviting feel in bright open spaces. Yellow doesn’t only look good splashed over the walls. Try adding a yellow lampshade, rug or even some new artwork to your home. Smaller details like plant pots and photo frames in numerous shades of lemon can also give a huge pop of colour that really add an instant uplift.

This post was created in collaboration with RW Invest

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