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Decorating a bathroom should feel less like a chore, and more like a blank canvas on which you’re going to create the ultimate place of leisure, indulgence, and upscale decor. And like any good artist, your final piece is only as good as the depth and colour that you’ve used to cultivate that perfect blend of comfort, class, and sophistication.

But with so many choices available, how are you going to know what to include, and how it will complement the rest of your decor plans? Keep reading to learn more.


Lifeless and dirty tiles can undo a great deal of hard work in terms of style and decor in any bathroom, so it’s always best to start here. It’s certainly not an easy part of the process, but we’re looking for high-quality choices like fine marble and porcelain to ensure that they last a long time and work well alongside just about any other style choices you make.

And when you have a final choice, look into some larger tiles with fewer areas to collect grime and dirt. It’s a simple change that adds a new dimension to the space surrounding it.

Baths and basins

A bath and basin should work together to create a resplendent style that communicates class, leisure, and indulgence without compromising your space and overpowering the entire bathroom.

Lusso Stone baths and basins are a testament to this, providing you with the right kind of elegant aesthetic without sacrificing any of that all-important luxury and comfort. A stone bath in an understated colour like pebble grey or charcoal works effortlessly to display craftsmanship on the outside while ensuring the entire bathroom has a serene flow to it.

Complementing this bath with a stone or wall-hanging basin elevates the entire space and exudes a style that’s equally opulent and minimalist.

Plumbing fittings

How many times have you set foot in someone else’s bathroom and been put off by the grime and dirt that can accrue around their plumbing fixtures? Shiny new plumbing fittings like taps and shower heads instantly give off an aura of cleanliness, class, and luxury as soon as someone enters your bathroom.

With a range of styles to complement your new bath and basin, you can add a unique style to your taps and shower heads to make them stand out while also exuding ultimate comfort and leisure.

Lighting fixtures

Finally, having the right kind of bathroom decor is one thing, but having the right lighting fixtures to accentuate that style is another thing entirely. A lot of hard work can come undone instantly due to poor lighting, as all the style in the world cannot compete with bad lighting that doesn’t work in tandem with those style choices.

Focus on LED lighting, which works well within the confines of a bathroom and highlights the space with a little more panache. The added brightness to the room helps the focal points of your bathroom to be better seen, and gives your decor that final dazzle!

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