Do you find that when it comes down to decorating, picking the colour scheme for your home is the biggest challenge?  There are so many choices and variations that you can become so overwhelmed you’ve no idea where to start. It could mean you’ll not take a chance on a colour you’ll love or avoiding decorating altogether.  So, to try and make the process a little easier, we’ve shared some ideas on how you can be inspired to find the right colour for you.

Be influenced by the experts

Pantone are regarded as the experts of colour. In fact, they’re so influential that they determine the ‘colour of the year’ twice yearly to represent the major seasonal differences, and this influences a myriad of sectors. The Pantone institution and other representatives of the colour standards group, meet to debate the colour of the year which influences the fashion houses and seasonal catwalks, the trends and themes for interior designers, as well as beauty, technology and many of the other goods we see in the high street stores.

The process to pick a colour of the year is actually quite complex; it takes into consideration the economic, political, environmental factors as well as fashions and previous seasons. The resulting colour is set to inspire not just our consumption but general feelings too.

You may fall in love with the colour of the year simply by seeing these different elements in stores. This can also help you to create a harmonizing scheme because designers will have combined a complimentary compilation of furnishings, ornaments, paint and wallpaper around this/these colours in one place. 

Colour matching

You can match your walls to your furnishings and vice versa

Colour matching

Colour matching has come a long way; no longer do you have to settle for second best! You can therefore take inspiration from anywhere, so long as you’re able to take a sample of the desired colour into store to have the paint mixed.

It may be tempting to take a photo to the local DIY store but since photos can alter the light of the item being photographed, the chances are, you’ll not be getting the colour you hope for. Instead, always take in a physical object that can be scanned to replicate. If it is a colour from an existing wall, you could always see if it is possible to chip off a bit of plaster to take in.

Colour palettes

If you’re looking for synergy in your colour scheme you’ll want to look to colour palettes. Finding complementary colours is an art in itself, since deciding between a plethora of colour, clashing is more than probable.  However, you don’t need a colour expert to help you understand what will work and won’t. Pinterest is an excellent source to find colour palettes you like. Many wonderful individuals have shared their expertise to help you look at complimentary colours. So if you’ve a base colour in mind, you can search for that colour, or a variation to find other colours that work well with it. If you don’t have your base colour in mind, simply search for colour palettes and you’ll have plenty of ideas to inspire you. 

Do you struggle with finding the perfect colour or wallpaper for you home? Previously this was definitely something I struggled with, which my friends can attest too; I had samples of colour on my walls for years before making a decision. However, these tips have since proved helpful in making a decision on what colours to have in my home.

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