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Changing your name is not something people do until there is a specific need. But that doesn’t mean name change isn’t a thing at all. There may be situations such as marriage, divorce, or other life events where you need to change your name. If you are planning to change your name, you must decide whether it’s worth doing it or not. In this post, we’ll list some instances when you may need to update your name in the United Kingdom to help you decide whether it’d be right to change your name or not. Take a look.


Marriages are marquee life events that come with several changes for the couple. From moving in together to buying new furniture, getting married changes how you live. And it also means updating your name with a new name should you want to adopt one. For example, if your name is Mike and your wife is Belinda Smith, you may opt for a new name like Mike and Belinda Smith. However, changing the name after marriage is not mandatory and is a personal decision.


Although a divorce means the end of a marriage, it doesn’t have to be the end of your old name. You can continue using your maiden name or former name after a divorce. However, if you want to change your name post-divorce, you’re free to do so. Usually, people who have gone through an acrimonious divorce tend to change their names to start afresh. If you have kids from your marriage, you may want to consider keeping the same surname as them.

You don’t like your present name

There can be several reasons why you may not like your name. Maybe you were named after a family member you don’t get along with or simply don’t like how it sounds. Or you’re bullied at work or school due to your name. If this is the case, changing your name can be a great way to start afresh. You can pick a new name that has meaning to you or simply go for a name you like the sound of. However, remember that changing your name just because you don’t like it can be quite a hassle. So, make sure it’s something you really want to do.

You want to change your name for branding

If you’re a freelancer, artist, or entrepreneur, you may want to consider changing your name to something more brandable. For example, if your name is John Doe, you may want to go by JohnnyD as it’s easier to remember and makes for a great branding opportunity. Similarly, if you have a common name like Sarah Smith, you may want to pick a unique name to stand out from the rest. But before you make the change, make sure it won’t affect your current work or clientele.

You have shifted to the UK

If you have shifted from another country, you may want to change your name to fit in better and make the transition to the UK smoother. If you’re thinking of changing your name for this reason, make sure you pick a name that’s not too difficult to pronounce or spell. You may also want to consider keeping your old name as your middle name, so you don’t lose touch with your roots.

Final word

These are some instances when you may need to change your name. If you’re thinking of making a change, consider weighing all the pros and cons first. And once you’ve made the decision, make sure you go through the proper channels to make the change official.

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