We love Instagram for many reasons. It provides endless inspiration from motivational quotations to interior re-design projects. But we especially love the insight into our fav celebrities’ lives. As the saying goes, sharing is caring and it’s no holds barred when it comes to giving us insight into the tricks of the trade; after years of style and beauty advice, they share their favourites on a daily basis. We’ve picked out some of our favourite celebrity beauty secrets. 

Drew Barrymore

Drew is a complete beauty and skincare addict. So, it’s no wonder she launched her own beauty and cosmetics company Flower Beauty in 2014 and is the genius behind #BeautyJunkieWeek. Her Instagram is often full of her beauty insights with discoveries with natural remedies that she tried herself, to her review and experiences of targeted treatments. She’ll also share her favourite beauty products ranging from £5 upwards with her followers.

We particularly love her advice when it comes to Aloe Vera (from natural skincare to soothing cuts, scraps and burns) and using Evian facial mist as a way to create natural waves and curls- who knew! 

We’d strongly recommend giving her a follow for all of her beauty secrets, she has them in abundance. 

Sarah Chapman

Celebrity facialist Sarah Chapman is world-renowned for her incredible skincare range that really deliver results. Her Skinesis profile not only talks about the targeted product range but she shares plenty of tips and tricks to help you achieve your desired results.

We particularly love her double cleanse tip. She recommends an oil-based cleanser to balance oil production and either use the same cleanser to achieve a deeper clean or another product to target other skin concerns such as a cleanser designed to pull impurities out. Particularly helpful tip at the moment when the skin care flare up with changes in weather. 

Get to know the A-Z of Skincare

Lea Michele

The Glee star is always sharing her diet, fitness, fashion and beauty insights with us, particularly on her stories. In addition to her stories posts she’ll regular post content featuring the hashtag #WellnessWednesday. Her content is really inspiring, and you get some great, simple recipes and advice too.

The frequency of her posts have decreased whilst she enjoys being a new mum, but she did recently share her experience in her stories of her experience with postpartum hair loss, something lost of women experience but you’ll hardly hear about.  She sought advice from a range of professionals and shared her experience and treatment plans. 

One of our most favourite posts of hers was her in-flight beauty musts. Just goes to show that even celebrities aren’t immune to the effects of jet-lag and the poor air conditioning/circulation/ventilation.

We can’t wait for more beauty, health and wellness insight from Lea. 

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Jessica Alba

Mamma, actress and creator of Honest Beauty. If you have a skincare line, you know a thing or two about beauty, and thankfully she’s letting us in on some of the secrets. We love her tip to using facial oil. Simply, dab a drop across your cheekbones/brow line for a dewy look- so simply and so effective!

What are your favourite beauty secrets that you’ve learned over the years? We’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you.

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